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Caution when parking on an incline on top of snow

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Jan 20, 2020
I've seen a few examples of this recently. Tesla owners are parking their car, often on a slight hill when it's been snowing and the car just slides away once the owner is out of the car.

See here:

Here with added fireworks:

And lastly...

Not sure if this is just a Tesla thing due to low centre of gravity/even weight distribution/weak parking brake? Perhaps it affects all cars, but I haven't come across it before if so.

What makes it extra worrying, as in video #2, if you are plugged in you'll likely take the wall charger with you! Luckily my driveway is flat, it it wasn't, I'd be investing in some chocks.
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Not sure if this is just a Tesla thing. But I guess once the car is parked the weight can, in certain conditions, melt the snow and ice to form a very slippery surface under the wheels. This could be enough to get the car moving. Once it is sliding it may well keep going. Surprised I haven’t heard of it before though. Chocks wouldn’t help much unless they had teeth like crampons!
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It would seem someone in Glasgow last night / this morning wasn’t having a good time. (Was sent the video by a friend and stuck on YouTube to share)

Edit: I noticed you could see the people in the cars face in the original so I’ve edited it to cut the first bit out.
It's perhaps because of Regelation. Pressure reduces the melting point: Regelation - Wikipedia

Very unlikely .. it used to be thought regelation was what made ice skates work (it isnt), but you need a lot of pressure and a lot of time for it to work at all, science class demos notwithstanding :)

This looks to me like simple friction issues. You have a heavy car, but tires with pretty high pressure (means low tire area in contact with ground). The OP didn't state conditions or driveway angle, but for a lot of these videos the road angle looked pretty steep (and videos can often make slopes look much flatter than they are). Any car will slide under the right circumstances, just go look around on YouTube.
I can't help thinking in the video applying a bit of physics might have helped him.. he was braking with no grip.. that's not going to help. Best to let the wheels roll and hope there's enough grip left to direct the car down the middle of the road.

Whether there was any way of salvaging it at the bottom though..
This might be a stupid question but…

Is it safe to park on an incline BEFORE it snows and then snows while the car is parked?
Yes, the snow will accumulate around the tyres but the car shouldn’t move. However your stuck until the snow clears.

Happened to me in a BMW E46 330i years ago in Dudley. Car was marooned on a steep hill for an entire weekend before I could recover it!
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