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CCS1 to Tesla Adapter

From what I’ve seen, they don’t work all the time. It even states “Compatible with most”.
It’s better than not having one, but I personally would wait until it’s perfected, and cheaper.
I already have a CHAdeMO adapter, so I have most charging covered.
I will get a CCS adapter when it works everywhere, and the price is reasonable though.
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I received the SETEC adapter today. Drove to the first CCS charger an EA charger. First try was charging at 23kW, I had the Scan My Tesla and it said the BMS max charge 23kW. After 3 minutes I stopped and unplug the charger and Scan My Tesla reported BMS max charge 78Kw, the car was cold at 60% so not unexpected for this old battery. But when I plugged in again it failed to charge. I will try an EVgo this weekend.
EVgo gave me proximity error. But the EA Signet charger worked fine. In this area Signet are the chargers with the connector holder on the side. For the BTCPower chargers the CCS connector rests in the front under the screen. Is there anyway to trigger the battery pre-heat manually?
I used to tell friends looking at EVs to compare charging networks. Tesla’s SC in NA is way better than the public networks (EA, EVgo). Now that Telsa is opening up the SC to other manu, Telsa’s are at a disadvantage. I hope Tesla recongizes they created an unlevel playing field and gives us a CCS1 adapter.
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