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Center Console (back) found in German forums

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Source: Mittelkonsole von Raketen-Paa Freunde

Source (store): Mittelkonsole hinten - GS-Design - Tesla - Interior
The web page says 419 Euros for the base and 235 Euros for the cupholder top. So about $774.41 US not including shipping.

It would be cheaper to get the Tesla version: Tesla Accessories and Charging Adapters Premium Rear Console . It also acts as an armrest for the rear passengers.

Their version of the armrest that Tesla supplies is what they call part 3 and it is 670 Euro. The interesting thing is that it screws into the console at the footwell, so it will not wiggle as the Tesla rear console does. On the other hand, it would seemingly be a PITA to remove to fold down the seats. I'm unsure. I'm trying to wade through the forum posts now. I've had to augment my meager skills with Google Translate which combines to let me get about 90% of the conversation.

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Here is a picture of all three rear console pieces at once:

rear3 closed.jpg
rear3 open.jpg