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Center Screen Freakout

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Tesla screen freakout - YouTube

Center screen is randomly registering movement and selection and unresponsive to touch after sitting outside during the day. It normally turns the stereo up to 11 and the climate control to high which leads to a hot and loud car upon our arrival. Center console requires reboot to return to normal operation.

This has happened several times. Once found the car used about 100rm heating the cabin and cooling the battery on a 110degF day this summer. Mileage was close to leaving my wife without enough charge to get home.

Service has had it once and attached a grounding strap to get rid of static build up on screen, which was believed to be the root cause. Going back next week to try again. They have been trying to identify the cause and very responsive, but getting annoying taking the car back and forth.
It looks like it is wrongly sensing touch on the screen down in the Temperature buttons (negating any other touches). It may be Capacitive Discharge screen or some sort of pressure from the back side. Do you have a screen protector on the display?
Try controlling the temp via the steering wheel buttons.