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Central California Roadtrip

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Recently completed a 2k mile road trip through Central California in my Model S75. The trip was amazing and extremely enjoyable in the Tesla. Having the smaller battery there was a couple times that I had to keep an eye on things but having pre-planned the route through A Better Routeplanner I was confident for every leg of the trip.

The trip covered:
Hearst Castle
PCH up to San Francisco
Lake Tahoe
Mammoth Lakes
Big Bear Lake

Overview of the route:

And some pics of the car enjoying nature!
Great. I hope you are keeping in mind that those 3rrd party trip planners are not good for telling you WHEN to charge because as you know, those apps don't know about current wind conditions (weather, etc), how fast you actually drive, and often not take into consideration elevation changes. :)
That site does take into consideration elevation, regen based on model of EV and has settings for the other metrics like avg speed, extra weight, road conditions etc.

Actually came in really handy for the Yosemite to Mammoth leg of the trip. The in car nav refused to take the Tioga pass and wanted to route me a very long way around whereas the route planner and wanted to go a shorter route.

Here is me taking a short cut while the car was trying to route me the other way.

Wow. Looks like you had fun. I recently went to Lake Tahoe from Lancaster, CA (SoCali desert), went up 395. If you want a genuine treat enroute, plug in at Lone Pine, cross the street, go about one block north to The Grill restaurant and order the pork chops with green beans. Phenomenal! In Tahoe, I stayed at Hotel Azure; they have two Tesla destination chargers. A lady friend took Tessie for a trip in Ludicrous mode along the mountain roads, which really blew her away. Good times!
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I was mainly using ABRP to initially plan the route. The trip was mostly planned out that I'd be staying or exploring where I stopped so wasn't paying attention to the time estimates. The only time I loaded it during the trip was when the car was saying to go the long way around to Mammoth so loaded it up on my phone to double check.