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Ceramic coating M3P Bellissimoto

I was quite disappointed with the black paint of my new M3. Although I think it is the best color, and I was lucky to not get the car delivered with scratches or misalignment, the black paintsurface quality of tesla is shocking honestly! Swirl marks, orange peel and co....
Decided to give a try to a ceramic coating but no ppf (as it was too expensive and my insurance not covering)
Car has come back in amazing condition.
Wondering If it is a really lasting thing as advertised ? Anyone with experience on this, on how to preserve the shine?

I did this treatment also to get simpler wash maintenance. From experience is it ok to use typical cheap london hand carwash? (I live in a place with plenty of sticky pollen so need frequent wash)

I had the full ext / interior protection + ceramic and hydrophobic treatment at bellissimoto . Was not cheap but what a service! And the owner (andrew) is so passionate, each of his email felt like a consultant report.

I’m sure it looks a million dollars compared to on pick up, so money well spent.

However, the local hand wash guys will introduce swirls and scratches in no time.

IME to keep it looking good you need to do it yourself using the 2 bucket method and ideally a snow foam rinse to start. Or routinely take it back to a pro but that gets expensive.
The car looks amazing!! Congrats. I have Gtechniq Serum Ultra on mine (since July) and it has been brilliant. I am doing all the washes myself as I enjoy doing it, but If you do decide to take it to the local hand car wash then just have a word with them first. I would avoid them putting on the corrosive wheel cleaner as over time the stuff takes its toll.

The hydrophobic properties should remain on the car for quite some time and will return as soon as you clean the car. Cleaning the car is much easier. If you need to top up the hydrophobic properties the products in the Gtechniq range such as C2 v3 gloss spray which you put on when the car is clean/dry or something like Gyeon WetCoat which I use on a wet car, will make that Black car look amazing.
Your Model 3 looks great. I wouldn’t recommend using the local hand wash, that’s more likely to reintroduce issues. Do it yourself and follow the simple method of (1) snow foam then rinse with karcher (2) wash using the two bucket method (one to wash one to rinse) with a good quality mitt (3) pat dry with micro fibre cloth. I had a previous car protected with G-Techniq serum by a pro detailer, it stayed looking great for the 3 years I had it. I washed it once a month using the method above (as advised by the detailer) and G-Technique snow foam and washing fluid. The detailer you used will likely be able to supply you with the products you need. I bought cleaning stuff via this website - Ultimate Finish: Car Detailing, Car Care and Cleaning Products. I also had the detailer do a G-Techniq top up after 18 months or so which basically redoes the hydrophobic coating. Supposed to do that every year apparently but didn’t really need that in my view.
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