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Ceramic Coating paint

There is someone in socal who good reviews here willing to do ceramic coating. He said he will do it for $400. Is that a good price for Gtechniq Crystal Serum?
I think if I do a group buy he will lower it down.. any thoughts?
Hey Kenny, $400 is a great price considering some have gotten quotes for over $1K. You can get a better price with a group I'd think. Go for it!
If you're still looking, these guys did a great job on the Xpel clear bra on my 3. IMG_20190706_164416450.jpg
Good luck bro and let us know how it goes. :cool:
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This might seem counterintuitive, but I'm of the opinion that $400 is too low.

Before we go any further please know I'm no detailer, I just did a lot of research and talked with a few people who are detailers for a living before I had ceramic coating done on my car.

Here's why I think $400 is too low:
In order to properly ceramic coat a car, the car needs to be washed, clayed and polished. Some people include an isopropyl alcohol wipe step as well, although I think the merits of that are debated among detailers. The reason these things are done are twofold: 1: it makes your paint as smooth and glossy as possible, removing scratches and imperfections so your finished product is gorgeous and 2: those steps mechanically remove any contaminants or residue from other waxes/finishes so the ceramic can bond to your paint as well as possible.

That's physical labor, no way around it. Yeah there are polishers that work faster than others and clay mitts to help speed up the claying, but it's going to take hours and hours to get that car ready for proper ceramic coating.

The person charging $400; I'd ask them what their process is when they ceramic coat your car. If they aren't doing the above steps, be ready to accept the likelihood that your finished product isn't going to be . Contaminants might be trapped under that ceramic. Scratches/swirls may still be present. The ceramic probably won't last as long.
If they ARE washing, claying, polishing and applying ceramic, I'd ask more probing questions about their process: how much time do they spend polishing typically? Do they remove scratches fully or just polish to prepare the surface for ceramic? Do they polish the entire surface of the car or do parts get skipped?

You spent a shitload of money on your car and this is the paint we're taking about. The first thing people are going to see. $600 might be the difference between a so-so job and a spectacular one.

Again this is all my opinion and I'm not a pro, but I am very happy with the ceramic on my car and I'm glad I researched before taking the plunge. Good luck and enjoy your car! :)
Yeah I agree with that statement. My response was only in relation the the quality of the product offered. Most pro detailer offer products that are both harder to work with and at the same time last much longer. Getechniq crystal is a coating anyone can buy and apply themselves. We need a clearer picture of what work is being performed to make a proper assessment of the price being asked.
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This is one of those products that "pros" want you to think you are incapable of doing yourself.

If you are a perfectionist and do a perfect job, it would take one full day. $400 for one day (8 hours) is $50 an hour. That is a good rate for a detailer.

Product usage is negligible.
Ceramic coating - cost in SoCal?

Refer to this thread.. I contacted him and I'm probably going to get a group going to him.. while I do agree while you get what you pay for you also as a business person need customers and will price accordingly to show your product.. and from the looks of it he has shown glimpse of good work.. I'll get it done soon and let you guys know how it goes.. I'm just asking if its doable or should I turn away.. I'm getting 50/50 so I decided to go for it.
This is one of those products that "pros" want you to think you are incapable of doing yourself.

If you are a perfectionist and do a perfect job, it would take one full day. $400 for one day (8 hours) is $50 an hour. That is a good rate for a detailer.

Product usage is negligible.
I think you nailed it Buddy. That's exactly what it took me minus the cure time. $80 for the Adams ceramics and $20 for the Boost. I still have enough to do it 2 more times. Oh yeah, someone mentioned alcohol. No alc. but surface prep is recommended before coating. Another $15. :cool: Boom done.
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Ok guys just waiting for long term reviews from other forums members but from the looks of it its legit and good.. if you reach out to jaime at sunset detailing from mission viejo he will honor the deal. Just say tesla forums deal for $400 he will know what your talking about..
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Here are some pics


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I'm going to set up am appointment for next month as this month I'm super busy. I'm super excited. I heard great reviews on Jamie when I asked members who got theirs done last year. I PM them to follow up on how it's going they said that they are still super happy with his work.
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