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Change navigation voice language

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I purchased a Model 3 in South Korea and as an English speaker I changed the display language and voice command language to English from the Controls setting. However, the navigation voice is still in Korean and there is no setting to change that. I assume I have to go to a service center to update the software, but when I called in they didn’t know about it and just asked me to book a time.

Before I do, has anyone here managed to change the navigation voice language? What are the steps to do so?
In North America we have options for English, French, and Spanish, on the Navigation settings I believe. Just select the one you want and bingo bango you're in. I suspect that since English isn't a dominant language in South Korea they haven't bothered to make it an option.

I don't understand why they limit languages by region anyway. I'd like to have my navigation set to the Australian English speaker but that's not an option. Just open it all up and let us download speech packages!
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