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Change of Format

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by danny, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. danny

    danny Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    I am looking to simplify the board a "little".
    This is what it will look like, let me know what you think.

    -News and Events
    -Tesla Motors
    ....-Tesla Motors Discussion
    ....-Tesla Roadster Discussion
    ....-White Star Discussion
    -Other Electric Cars
    ....-Brammo Discussion
    ....-Electric Car Conversions
    ....-Other Electric Cars
    -Electric Car Technical Disc.
    ....-General Tehcnical Disc
    ....-Battery Discussion
    -Off Topic
    ....-Site Feedback
    ....-Other Cars
    ....-Off Topic
  2. danny

    danny Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    2. Have two sections with forums under them. You can get to these sections from the Homepage I just set up and both and
    The home page has a site navigation box where you will be able to click onto Teslamotorsclub forum section or electric performance forum section.
    It goes like this.

    Category Tesla Motors Club
    Tesla Motors
    Tesla Roadster
    Future Car: Whitestar, Bluestar
    Suggest any further groups if you want but that really the easiest and simplist.
    Category: Electric Performance
    Electric Cars
    -Electric Conversions
    -Other Electric Cars
    -General Technical
    Off Topic
    -Site Feedback
    -Non electric cars
    -Off topic

    I personally prefer the first method as it doesn't have any subfourms however the second makes a clearer distinction between electric performance and teslamotorsclub and allows me to put graphics in the teslamotors section that differ to the electric performance section.
    Remeber the sites homepage will have a direct link to the teslamotorsclub forum if the second method is used.
  3. WarpedOne

    WarpedOne Supreme Premier

    Aug 17, 2006
    Slovenia, Europe
    The first option does have a nice tidy look, but looses that club note. If you go this way, I'd suggest you simplify them some more. Something like this:

    - News and Events
    ... - News and Events (I see no reason to separate them)
    - Tesla Motors
    ... - Tesla Roadster (may add another level for a few subsections, General, Performance, Technical?)
    ... - Company and future models
    - Electric Cars
    ... - Batteries
    ... - Conversions
    ... - Technicalities
    ... - General
    -Off Topic (too much sections here would encourage off-topic debate)
    ....- Etc (should cover anything that does not belong elsewhere)
    ....- Site Feedback

    I don't know about Brammo. If you feel it has a strong following, then it should go next to Tesla Motors section at the top level otherwise I would let its topics reside in Electric Cars / General.

    The second option is more to my liking.

    Category: Tesla Motors Club
    Tesla Roadster
    - General (general discussion)
    - Technical (more technically oriented discusion, on a higher level)
    Future Tesla Cars
    - Future Models
    Tesla Motors
    - General (discussion about company policies etc)

    Category: Electric Performance
    Electric Cars
    - Brammo
    - Electric Conversions
    - Other Electric Cars
    - Batteries
    - General
    Off Topic
    - Environment
    - General
    - Site Feedback

    If people's posts have meaningful titles and conversation doesn't stray to offtopic then all you need is a good search engine and people can easily find things.

    You said you prefere the first option. It is just personal preference or it actually means considerably less work to implement?

  4. danny

    danny Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    The first option would actually look nicer, easier for the user. But I chose the second option in any case.:)

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