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Changed my mind again... Help

why is selecting the colour of a Tesla so difficult? All the cars I’ve had I’ve know exactly what I wanted and today I thought I’d be locked in then I fall in love “I think”

So, I’ve had my heart set on a Grey MX with Grey rims and white interior but I’d never seen the white in real life and strangely there appears to be no demo MX with white interior in the North West....

Off I got today to check it out in the flesh, saw a MS with the white and managed to look through the window of an MX in for service and I’m glad I did.

In the MS it’s was mega bright so much so if felt wrong and the MX I saw through window was... well... had dirty seats, yeah they clean easy but they also show any dirt.

So I’m thinking go with the black then I see what I can only describe as “White Devil”

A white P100D MX with black interior and the black 22”rims, wow oh wow this thing was amazing I mean it was just a thing of beauty.

Now... I’m back to another decision I’m unable to make. do I go white and black or grey and black or as the sales guys said Oreo or inside out Oreo...

My big issue is I don’t like the figure ash wood and they won’t let me have the black ash which means I’d have to go carbon fibre which I’m also not a fan off so the standard is on play.

The reality is that I would never pay £6k for 22in black rims when I could get the 20in standard ones powerdercoated for around £500 and not have to worry about the ride comfort or loss of range on 22.

What ya recon? Any words of wisdom?

Decision, decisions...
Obviously a lot of this is down to personal preference and you being happy with your choice. But here's my take if it helps you think it through. I'm pretty open-minded on colours, so I considered quite a few options.

As far as exterior goes, I've owned a lot of grey cars, a couple of black ones, but only one white previously. Darker colours show all the scratches, swirl marks etc and are generally a pain to clean. But they can look great too and they wear road grime quite well in winter. White on the other hand looks dirty after one trip in the wet, but swirl marks and any scratches are totally hidden by the bright white. That's one thing I really like about white cars in general. But two other things swung me to white in this particular case. Firstly I think white really suits the MX and fits in with the futuristic theme of the whole car. Secondly, the white is a premium multi-coat rather than the standard metallic finish and so may be a tougher finish, although I haven't confirmed that - and probably not so important if ceramic coating anyway. What I can say though is that I'm very happy with the factory pearl white paint finish. I read a lot of mixed (mainly negative) reports of the paint quality from other owners, but my MX had zero paint issues. Whether being premium white helped or not in this respect, I can't really say.

For interior colour, I tend to think it's pretty sensitive to your exterior colour choice. The premium white interior against a dark grey or black exterior is a pretty extreme contrast for sure! But I think the white interior looks great with the white exterior. While the seats themselves are very bright white the rest of the interior trim is mostly black (carpets, upper dash, door upper trim, headlining), so when you actually sit in the car it looks much less white than when you are looking in through the window. The premium black interior basically turns everything black, which I thought was a little too sombre for my taste, plus I'm thoroughly bored with a very long line of previous black interiors. So after a lot of thought I bit the bullet and went for the white interior with carbon trim - now I'm not normally a big fan of carbon trim either, but this application looks great. It's a matt finish carbon, doesn't show finger prints or look fake. I think it actually looks amazing for a £250 option. The standard gloss plastic trim looks a bit cheap to me, especially as there is so much of it in the car. Not to mention all the finger prints. I think you really need to see both standard and carbon trims before committing to the standard gloss plastic. The carbon trim was a no-brainer for me when I saw it in the car.

Wheels - I went with the standard 20" silver rims. I would perhaps have preferred the grey 20", but I didn't fancy paying £1900 (it was actually £2800 when I ordered!) for just a colour change. I was initially thinking of getting the silver rims powder coated aftermarket, but now having got the car I'm actually very happy with the silver wheels and white exterior and I think the silver wheels go better with the chrome trim. As for the 22" rims, they are way too expensive and compromise both range (more critical on a 75D) and ride quality and the ride is already pretty firm on 20" wheels. Then there's the increased risk of pothole and kerb damage. Sure the 22" rims look fantastic on the MX, but I think it's a compromise too far and the 20" wheels look pretty good anyway with their more chunky and practical tyre sidewalls. Plus I'll be running winter tyres from December, so 20" makes a lot more sense there too.

So there you go, that's my thoughts on colour!
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A few pics above. Note the last one is with standard ride height - you can lower it two steps from there, but we live in the countryside and prefer a bit more ground clearance on our local roads. I have it set to lower automatically at 70 mph for motorway use.

White exterior with all black premium interior is a safe option if you are worried about the white interior being a bit bright and in-your-face. But I'm glad we went with the white as it's so unique and looks amazing in real life. Reports of sub-standard interior quality are IMHO widely exaggerated. Our MX feels pretty luxurious and there are some classy details, such as the interior door handles and the centre console drinks holders (hidden in the photos). I really like the carbon trim too. I think some people simply mistake minimalism for cheap. For me all the touch points feel like high quality without being unnecessarily ostentatious.
IMO, back to day one, Tesla colors are SO limited.
They are all so bland. The only color I ever loved was the Signature Red.
But that's history.
White, Grey, Black ... blues and greens that are so dark you cannot tell what the color is.
Thanks for sharing!!!

I agree, less is more and I also like the design

You are welcome and I do hope you get your home charging sorted out. It would be a real shame to miss out on that basis. This is the best car I've ever owned by a long way and that includes plenty of German thoroughbreds. The combination of silky smooth silent electric drivetrain, interior space, forward thinking tech, great sound system and that amazing panoramic windscreen makes everyday driving something to actually look forward to! All modern cars should be like this and it really shows up how backward most other manufacturers really are. You have to look at competitors concept vehicles to see many features that are standard in a Tesla.
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Get the council to install a charging point in one of the local street lights. Ubitricity is the most convenient and cost effective for them and deals with many councils including Kensington, Westminster, Hounslow and others. You will need to buy a SmartCable from them but that will be a minor cost.

Their home solution could possibly work in the garage.
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@Fellsteruk I have a MS which is white inside & out. I know it's not a MX but I think it looks fabulous :D It's certinaly not too bright when you're driving it, it feels light & airy. I have a 5 year old little boy too, so I can tell you that the seats are certainly easy to clean :D They simply wipe down with baby wipes and either air / towel dry. I haven't had anything yet that tried to stain the seats - I know some folks have said their indigo jeans transferred to the seats, but again the colour came out with baby wipes. I didn't go for the carbon finish as I didn't like it, I prefer & have the dark ash glossy finish & so far it hasn't gathered finger marks that I've noticed too much. My paint also seems to be pretty good. I had PP Protect detail & ceramic coat the car last week & Richard told me that he found one very small imperfection (that I would never have noticed) in the paint whereas I know other people have had issues.

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