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Charge ability loss

Hi anyone
Im a new tesla owner, bought a crashed facelift model S. Crash was more related to suspension(not too serious) and i have found NO blown fuse except

1 driver airbag
2 passenger airbag
3 seatblets
4 front fusebox pyrofuse(replaced)

main battery fuse is fine

car had 30km charge when i got it and only dashboard is working, MCU is NOT working at all and i have following errors on a dashboard displayed

1. pneumatic pump cannot be controlled
2. Charging is not possible
3 there is no connectivity to MCU

chargeport notch is in locked position and if i bypass it and plug charger in Led glows red and i can see big battery image on a dashboard (amps 0/13) and charge is not going on.

I heard many about broken MCU but nothing about full charge loss ability due to this issue.

do you have any idea what could be wrong or MCU is the only reason why car is not taking charge from original mobile charge adapter at all?

thank you