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"Charge complete" mileage dropping

In the last few days my "charging complete" mileage has dropped from 214 to a fairly consistent 212. (Completion is 90%.)

I thought that it may be the result of the car using an average of a period when I had a heavy foot on the accelerator, but I've actually concentrated on a light foot since examining the graphs, and the energy line has dropped (mainly town driving, and using TACC whenever appropriate).

Then I thought I'd discovered the problem tonight when it had dropped to 208 - charging seemed to have stopped (no idea why), so I pulled the plug and reinserted it, and got the message that charging would take 30 minutes. An hour later it says "crharging complete" and it's at 212 miles.

Should I be worried?
Edit: I've just recently been leaving it plugged in while parked at my house, as per the capitalised exhortation in the manual, expecting that the charge would be maintained and that the car would use power from the charge cable rather than its own battery power for its housekeeping and maintenance functions. The problem above has surfaced only since doing this - and it's quite the opposite of what I expected.