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Chargegate, S85 Only

I've just been on the Tesla facebook group and seen there are in total three S85 owners who are concerned about charge speeds at superchargers. (same day)

If you have confirmed with the support line that your battery is the correct temp when charging


You are still getting slow charge speeds then please list your car below
  • Model?
  • Year?
  • Mileage?
  • Percentage charge (when trying to charge)?
  • Check battery temp with support?
  • Charge rate?

The objective is to evidence that there are issues with the battery that Tesla are trying to cover up.

(This may not impact any S85 owners now, but it could in the future)
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2016 S85D 52500miles
Charging seemed to be restricted to 100kw momentarily before falling. However, last night I got 126kw as a starter at Membury and it held at 125 before slipping. Good input total before falling below 100kw.

Seems slow as it gets past halfway.