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Charging around Manchester

I know it's probably been asked / talked about already buy where are you folks charging ?
im over in BOLTON and need to start reaserching best places to charge .

still can't believe the nearest supercharger is in Northwich 25 miles from Manchester :cursing:

Erm, I charge at home.

Why would you want a supercharger near to your home? They're for long trips; ideally you'd want them 100-150 miles away from you.
If you can get a Charge Your Car card (you may not get a GMEV version from Bolton) there are two places in the centre of Manchester with 32A 4 hour max wait. Free parking at one location means i save £20 parking and charging there while we go shopping (it also limits the wife spending time so it's Win/Win/Win)! I suspect this will change soon though.