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Charging at home


I have 220 V NEMA 14-50 with 50A breaker set in the garage for charging, yesterday I noticed charging screen it says it is charging at 118V @14miles/hr. Is that normal? I was expecting it to charge around 25-30 miles/hr!! Am I missing anything?


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+1 to the posts above. If you have some knowledge of electricity and have a volt meter then you can start troubleshooting yourself. After you have unplugged the cable from the car and plugged it in again check for change. If the same, then reset the breaker. Now check again. If no change, then disconnect from the car, unplug the HPWC from the 14-50 plug and check the voltage across the 14-50 outlet. If you have the 240 volts then the problem is with the HPWC. Remove the covers and start looking inside for any visible damage. If none, and you are handy with a volt meter then you can plug it back in to the 14-50 and look for electricity in and out.

It is at this stage that if you are not comfortable around electricity then you get an electrician to take a look. I doubt it is the car, but if all else fails, find another HPWC, or even a J1772 plug to test charging. A Supercharger will not help as it does not use the on-board charger. If another HPWC or J1772 also gives only 120v then take it to a Service Center as you have a charger problem. If you do get 240v then the problem is your HPWC. Your electrician may be able to find and fix the problem, maybe not.

Good Luck and keep us posted on the solution.
This is definitely a case of only a single hot line being connected. There are three failure points: the breaker, the receptacle, and the plug.

If I had to guess, one if the two 120V came disconnected at either the breaker or the receptacle. Either is a relatively easy fix, if you're comfortable with it. If not, it's electrician time.
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I had a similar problem earlier this week. It turned out to be the breaker. I put in a new breaker and it fixed the issue. If you are comfortable with electrical work testing a breaker with a multimeter is real easy. This is the first thing I would check.