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Charging Equipment Fault

During driving, my Tesla M3 produces a 3-beep warning chime with the message "Charging Equipment Fault. Try different charging equipment". I get multiple warnings, and then they will stop for while (sometimes for 100's of miles) and start up at seemingly random times. This are bizarre warnings, occurring while I'm actually driving at highway speeds, and no charging equipment is (obviously) connected. My car was upgraded to V10 a day or two before this started. After experiencing these warning intermittently, and sometimes frequently during a 2-day, 1100 mile trip, I think I've noticed two correlations: these warnings seem to be triggered by bumpy ride (over railway tracks, highways with regular section-to-section bumps, "rumble" strips, ...) and at high speeds (> 60mph/100km/h). The car mostly charges normally either at Superchargers, or at level2 chargers, but will occasionally abort, but then charge normally after a charging restart.

My hypothesis is that there's a loose connection in charging system sensor somewhere (perhaps from the charging receptacle to the on-board charger).

I have a service appointment in a week, so I'll have a more definitive diagnosis after that.

Anyone else experience something similar?
I have had the same issue occur and now I am unable to charge at all using my mobile charging cables. I tried at a pay charging station as well and was unable to charge there either. I am heading to a Tesla Supercharger to see if that works. The warnings started last week but i was able to continue charging. Have made a service appointment but won't be until OCTOBER 28!!!! Not a happy Tesla owner right now.
Have made a service appointment but won't be until OCTOBER 28!!!! Not a happy Tesla owner right now.
How close is the nearest Service Center to you? If not too far out of the way I'd just roll up during the day and say "dudes/dudettes, I can't charge my car". :)

Because waiting 2 weeks before you can "fuel up" isn't close to acceptable. Also, customer service does vary SC to SC but any that I've been to I am very confident they'd figure out how to get on that right away if I showed up. If you don't get this fixed now by them they'll eventually be on the hook for a flatbed tow, too.
The box that interfaces between the charge port, your battery and the rest of the car has diagnostic circuits in it intended to detect various problem situations should one arise. Clearly one of those circuits is not happy for whatever reason. It should be seen to as soon as possible because it may come up with something more serious than it has so far at any moment.
:(I have the same issue, started last Wednesday. Car drives fine, but down to 76 mile range. I have a HPWC and a Leviton 40a EVSE. Neither will charge and show a fault. Initially, I thought it was a problem with the console USB charger until I saw this post. I was unable to get the latest 12.2 software update on Friday. No luck with soft and hard reboot.
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:)I'll speak to the local SC center this morning. Speculating, I would assume it's a software issue, with three recent updates. Started receiving the error message on Wednesday, stays on constantly. I have not charged in almost two weeks.
:)UPDATE. Spoke to Tesla yesterday. They forced the 32.12.2 software update and I installed via phone at work. When I got home, still had the "Charge Equipment Fault" message. Did another hard reboot, no luck. Technician suggested I "power off & on" the vehicle as another option. still no luck. Tried to charge, no luck. Frustrated. I scheduled a appointment a week out at the local service center. This morning, I decided to check the car again, when I opened the door, I noticed, NO "charge equipment fault message. I decided to try charging, BINGO. Currently charging as long as I can prior to work. Not sure if it's fixed or will be intermittent. Will drive today and see. I felt from the beginning it was a software issue, not a mechanical failure. We'll see. BTW, I received my passive Tesla key FOB yesterday and love it. It replaces the old style. Well worth the additional $157.00.
It's probably neither a software or mechanical problem but rather an electrical one such as a loose connector or op amp whose gain is drifting. In any case it is intermittent and those are the hardest problems to diagnose. I would push to get it run down though that may be tough. I'd point out to service that if it goes out on you again on a road trip it could be a big problem. The car evidently logs everything (to the point that it eventually wears out its flash memory). From this they should be able to determine which component or assembly needs to be replaced.
;)For those interested. Surprisingly, I received a call at work today from my local Tesla Service Center in Richmond, VA. The technician was following up on my request last night for a service appointment, and asking questions about my charging problem. He recommended I try my 110V Tesla supplied charger and also local Supercharging. Sadly, I cannot charge my Model 3 using any available means. I have less than 70 miles of range and will conserve for my trip to the service center next Wednesday. Obviously, a charging hardware malfunction.
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:)I received my third unsolicited phone call from the service person at Richmond, VA SC yesterday. Wanted to verify my charging effort with supercharging the night before which was unsuccessful. Said he'd be in touch after talking with a technician. Call later in the afternoon, and wanted me to bring my car in that afternoon, even though I had a scheduled appointment next week. I took it in, said they'd trouble shoot and let me know something. If parts are available, possibly pick up today, if not, early next week. Loaned me a Model S. I'm impressed with the effort of service so far. Realizing that a EV that won't charge with low range is very serious. My experience with the Richmond SC has been excellent. I'm fortunate that the SC is only thirty minutes away and I have a supercharger five miles from home, although only needed to check charging.
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Sounds like a glitch with the regen charger if it's happening during vehicle movement. Also not charging plugged in equals issue with the charging circuit.

V10 did something to your cars if it was working prior to update. All fingers point to software unless mechanical gremlins all decided to visit your cars at the same time.

VIN range?
:)I received a text message from the Richmond, VA service center this morning, my Model 3 is charging and ready for pick up. They replaced the charge port electronic control module. Picked it up this afternoon and was charged to 90%. After driving the 2015 Model S P85 for two days, my P3D is so quick, nimble, and refined in comparison. My sincere thanks to the Richmond, VA service center for their initiative to troubleshoot and repair my Tesla, six day prior to the scheduled appointment. To answer the questions in the post above, I also suspected a software issue, with three software updates and no charging in the past two weeks. Date of vehicle manufacture 04/19.
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