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Charging for terraced houses

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Around a quarter of us living in the UK live in terraced houses and with the government's 2030 ban on the sale of ICE cars fast approaching, they are going to need to step up the roll out of proper charging infrastructure / solutions for those of us without access to off-street parking. I myself am just about to move into a victorian terrace and have a Model Y on the way.

I've heard of companies like Green Mole and others providing under-kerb solutions, people who just solely use Superchargers & public charing and even some local authorities allowing residents to run cable & protectors over pavements...

Would be interested to hear who is in a similar position and what their solution is?
Similar situation here although sort of reversed to yours.

I live in a Victorian terraced house. Model Y on the way and the plan is to rely on public charging for some months until we move into our house which is currently being built and to be finished ~Feb 2023. It’ll be expensive but there’s not much we can do since we rent at our current property and don’t want the hassle of having to install a charging solution just to leave it in a few months.
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One of the huge upsides to electricity being available in so many more places than liquid fuel ever could be (practically speaking) is that it gives you more options.

Going forward I would expect to see a lot more scavenge-charging (top-up everywhere you go, whenever and wherever possible, even if it's just a trickle) used by those who don't have off-street parking. Those of us who don't need to scavenge charge don't and probably won't which will help those who do need to, and those who do huge distances will use chargers at services, superchargers etc. more. From a scaling perspective, EV charging infrastructure (as an entire network) can be much much larger, and much better balanced that fuel ever could.

I could also see some councils allowing streets (or individuals who have a designated but not off-street space) to install some PV-powered charge boxes where the pavement is wide enough so that cables don't need to be run across or under the street.

My biggest hope for the next 5-10 years is that councils will take this opportunity to put the power in the hands of their residents or keep as much of the charging infrastructure supporting homes public-owned not privatised.
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If you can get the space outside your front door from time to time then just use the UMC with a robust and visible cable protector. It's not illegal (even though some councils like to claim that it is) - you just need to demonstrate that you considered and mitigated the risks to the public.
This was what I was hoping to hear. From my research, it seems a few people are already doing this (with varying responses from councils).

Has anyone had any success with installing a proper (7kw) charging point on a terraced house? From what I can tell, there are building regs which say the point cannot be within 2m - or face onto - a public highway.

My thinking is installing somewhere like this... Am I being an idiot or is there a way that would be allowed?

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 09.18.57.png
curious with the move from energy inefficient incandescent/sodium street lamps to LED or other more efficient ones - what is 'normal' electric hookup for lamp poles? That'd give an idea of how much excess might be available for on street provision
I've had my Model 3 since September, I live in a leasehold flat so no charging available. I enquired but was told no by the leasehold landlord. I've been relying on public chargers, try plan my routine around the free chargers and if I need a full charge for a long trip etc then I will use a paid charger like BP Pulse.

It's a tough one, I spend very little on charging but I am giving up time in comparison to sit in slower free chargers for say 90 mins once or twice a week.
Realistically I can't see any way that the Govt is going to be in a good enough place to meet the 2030 deadline. 8 years sounds like a lot, but it's not really, especially when the Govt isn't even particularly focused on it.

Even new build estates aren't being built with roadside charging in mind, there's no agreed standard for how its going to be done (lamp post? kerbside? etc). I believe developers now have to install a charge point but I suspect this will be a box ticking exercise with no consideration given for how far away the car would actually be from this point, etc.
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Might be worth getting in touch with the Council to ask if they have any plans to implement this sort of thing:

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How do you feel it's impacted you from a cost perspective vs those with the benefits of cheaper, tariff-based home charging? I was/am considering this but worried about how much more I'll be spending vs those with home chargers.
It’s not only the cost, but the time you waste getting to a charger and in worst case having to wait for charging as well. It also is a constant headache having to think about charging, yet alone the actual cost is so much cheaper at home on a night tariff

I would only get an EV if I had charging at home or places I go to, that didn’t involve me needing to go out of my way to charge.
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Might be worth getting in touch with the Council to ask if they have any plans to implement this sort of thing:

This looks like a great, simple and - I would hope - relatively affordable solution. Attaching photos for everyone here.



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I'm currently in the same situation as you, but I can't even guarantee a spot directly outside my house, which means sometimes I need to park a couple of streets away. I did reach out to BANES (Bath and North East Somerset) Council about possible on street charging solutions, e.g. lamp post charging with an EV bay, but complete radio silence. I may reach out to my local councillor who is funnily enough the mayor too to see if she can run things up the flag pole so to speak.

In the meantime, I'm relying on the dire public infrastructure that Bath has on offer. This consists of:

1x 50kW Geniepoint charger in Morrisons (installed last year and was the only working 50kW charger in Bath for a while)
1x 50kW BP Pulse charger in Bailbrook Hotel (repaired this month after being out of action for nearly a year)
3x 50kW Geniepoint chargers in Charlotte St (installed last month, but already one is broken. Handy to go and charge after 8pm when it's free parking)
1x 50kW Swarco charger at Farleigh Road Farm shop and restaurant (10 miles out but a nice spot to go for a bite to eat)

Leaving the car overnight in carparks such as Charlotte St, Southgate or The Podium to utilise their 7kW chargers is a fallback option but would need to leave the car from 8pm and ensure it's moved by 7am to avoid parking charges.

Normally if I drive anywhere I'll see if I can stop off at a supercharger on the way back (usually Bristol), charge up to 100% (I have a LFP battery so harm in doing this) and get back home with around 80-85%. It does mean adding 30-45 minutes to my journey time back home. If I need a top up I'll use one of the nearby chargers listed above. I'd recommend to see what is available around you on Zap-Map in case the on street charging doesn't go to plan. There's also seeing if your employer are willing to put in charge points at the workplace. My Wife's employer has been looking into this since the new year, but unfortunately, no movement in the last 6 months!

I have noticed a couple in my neighbourhood (high density of terraced houses) who feed a cable out their front door along the front and trenched into those pavement rain drains (no idea what their official name is), and cover it with one of those high vis pavement ramp strips (again no idea what the official name is) to prevent a trip hazard. Problem though these aren't always positioned directly outside of your house, in my case it's on the border with my neighbour and closer to their front door than mine.

You could speak to your local council to see if there are any trials going on as anything digging up a public path will most likely need their permission and/or prevent pissing off your neighbours.
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