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Charging Location For M3 and Another Hybrid/Electric Car

Hi, I will be getting my first electrical vehicle soon, M3. I always like to plan ahead and am considering how and where I would like the 14-50 outlet(s) in my 2-car garage. There is possibility that I will buy another electric or plug in electric hybrid car (likely BMW) in 2 to 3 years from now. Does anyone have a suggestion as to the location of the 14-50 outlet so that it can accommodate both cords to be able to charge a M3 and a BMW? I know that Tesla has the charge port on the drivers rear side. I am not sure of the location where BMW has it, but possibly on the same side? Also, assume that I would like two 14-50 just in case, even though I don't think we need it, would it be best to separate the location of each at a higher install cost since it would be one on each side of the garage? Or just put both outlets on the same panel and it should reach to the opposite side of the garage with most cables?

Two separate circuits for charging. Safer and more convenient. (Maybe has to be that way for code?)

330e is or was driver-side:
BMW 330e
X5e similar
2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e Plug-In-Hybrid | News | Car and Driver
So, I suspect that your future bEemer will have the charging port there.
3.7kW charging (240V x 16A)

Maximum J1772 cable length allowed is 25 feet, which you'd get with a Clipper Creek.

Gen 2 Mobile Connector has a 20 foot cable. 32A charging.
The Model 3 has the port at the left rear.

The cable length is from the EVSE body to the plug. You'd likely also have a possible foot or so from the socket to EVSE.

So you have some flexibility and the best position would depend on the layout of your garage, whether you pull in forwards or back in and from where you exit/enter to get to/from the house.
The key things
- make it as convenient as possible to plug and unplug since you'll be doing it every time you use the cars.
- Have plenty of play on the cable so it won't be a tripping hazard or get in your way.

Position the plug and holster* for you easily to
- [open port, ]get out of the car[, open port], grab the plug, plug in, go into the house
- walk to car, unplug, close port, store plug, get in the car, drive away

* Actually an upside-down top half of a quart milk jug in my case.
I'm also planning my install location and future proofing.
From what I understand you can probably be fine 90% of the time with one charger for both cars, unless you both drive full range daily and need to get that full charge back overnight for both cars.
I'm debating on wall connector 50amps (40A charging) vs mobile connector 32A charging but doubt it will make a big deal in the long run.
My girlfriend is taking my 2014 Volt when my 3 arrives on Saturday. We're going to plug the charger for the Volt into the outlet on the ceiling the powers the garage door opener. (You don't need more than that to charge a Volt IMHO.) I've already got a HPWC installed on my side of the garage for the 3.

When she gets a Model Y years from now, I'll get a HPWC wired in for her side of the garage.