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Charging my model 3 in Hawaii with an hoa


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Feb 21, 2021
Hi! New memeber. Wife and I just ordered our 2021 model 3 this week. We live on maui and own a condo. I understand the under Hawaii rules for ev that an Hoa has to allow you to charge your car. I was wondering if anyone has had any dealing with this. I believe our car arrives in about 4 weeks. I was planning on just installing a 240 volt near my front door then run the cord to the car. I would only have to do it 2-3 times a week as I don’t have to go to far. What can I expect in regards to hoa’s? Should I let them know what I’m doing or keep quiet about it?


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Nov 28, 2018
Riverside Co. CA
I dont know any HOA that operates in a "dont tell us about something you are putting in a public space, and we will happily approve it later" mode.

Thats not what HOAs are about. You need to read up the rules of whats in your HOA documents, and follow whatever process they have for getting things like that approved, like submitting whatever forums and drawings they likely are going to want to see, etc.

"not telling them about it before you do it" is going to be a recipe for a fight, and likely chance they tell you to remove it and get proper approval.
If you just search TMC for the term "HOA" you can read plenty on peoples interactions with HOAs and this type stuff, like:

There are quite a few more, I think there were 9-10 pages of results for the term "HOA" when I just looked.


Dec 7, 2019
Long Beach, CA
In California, at least, the rule is they have to let you put a charger in at your expense IF it can be done safely. And then, there are a BUNCH of architectural guidelines and safety guidelines that have to be met (including getting your charging infrastructure approved by the city / county, etc.).
So at least in California, you can't just "plug in" and run a cord. You have to prove that you won't burn down the condo complex doing so.
I'd imagine Hawaii isn't that much different in terms of wanting to ensure it is a safe installation.
I ended up putting in a Clipper Creek in my parking garage spot, and spent an extra $600 in inspections to prove to the city and HOA that it was installed properly. Per state law.
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Feb 18, 2021
Have you read your CC&R's, I'd wager the process for getting this approved (and any other work) is outlined in there.

My typical MO is "its easier to ask forgiveness than permission" however with HOA's that should be "its easier to get permission than to do the thing twice because of a spiteful HOA."
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Feb 22, 2016
Manson, WA
Yeah, you contractually agreed to follow your CC&R's when you purchased, so not doing so is asking for trouble.
My guess is the law you referenced requires HOA's to allow charging infrastructure to be installed, but often the laws do not preclude HOA's from imposing reasonable requirements to minimize impacts to safety and/or aesthetics.
As you've proposed, you'd likely create a pedestrian tripping hazard, and you or your association would be liable for accidents.


Jan 26, 2021
Honolulu, HI
Agree!! Check with your HOA. My first condo I lived in I installed a digital lock on my condo door and got written up. They stated it interferes with the hallway decor. I had to remove it and plug up a big hole that I drilled into my door (decor type door). I tried to fight it with HOA stating there is nothing saying I couldn't put that lock in. They agreed but denied my appeal.

I'm curious on the law stating they must allow charging. Is it the one stating if there is more than 100 parking spots they should consider it?

Anyways I recently moved to another condo and asked about EV charging. I expecting them to say bite me, but they said yes. I will have to pay for the conduits, the run, and the sub meter. Someone else has installed a tesla wall connector and the building manager said them $5500ish to install. My install will probably cost 6k-7k'ish as my run is almost twice as long. I'm guessing 200-300 feet of wire/conduits.

I'm trying to justify if it's worth 6k'ish to install charger for convenience... I think there is a tax break for install wall chargers right now that I would get the full $1000 tax credit.

That said you can utilize the 6 DC Quick Chargers in Maui.. You get to play the game and hope the chargers are not being in use. Make sure you buy a Chademo Adapter.


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Jan 28, 2018
Southern California
Is there any chance you could install the outlet inside your home and then just run the cord out when you need to charge. If you install it inside the home you should not need any HOA approval.


Aug 16, 2019
Well there are good HOA and some not so good. Having been the Pres. it was
no complaints, no issue. There are also crazy folks that complain about everything.
I would call the Pres. and show him what you want to do. He may have suggestions
that will make your life easy. You may want to look around if anyone has an solution,
in your complex or another complex and get a Pic.
A non-EV guy may have a problem to picture in his mind what your talking about.
I have let lots of stuff go and had to take people to court. Best of luck.

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