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Charging reverts back to lower setting

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I have a wall connector at home with a single phase 240V 32 amp connection.
It used to charge at maximum power but since a couple of weeks, the car reverts to 16 amp charging when I connect it and I have to manually increase it to 32 amps. I have done resets of the car and wall connector. Any suggestions?
When not plugged in the charge current is always at 16A and I can only lower it. The + is grayed out.
When I plug in with scheduled charging on, it reads 0/16A and when it starts charging it changes to 16/32A. I can then change the current to 32A, it will go up to 32/32A and will stay at that level. After it finishes charging it will go back to 0/16A.

The 16A charge current limit when not plugged in and 0/16A when waiting to start charging has always been like that, so I assume that's normal.

I think I might have solved the problem in the meantime. I disabled scheduled charging and then plugged in. It went to 32A like it should and I let it charge for a minute or so. I then unplugged, activated scheduled charging again and plugged back in. Now when I start charging manually - by pressing start charging in the top right corner of the display - it goes up to 32A like before.

Fingers crossed it will do it next time on a scheduled charge as well.