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Charging software - unable to set start time

Is there any aftermarket software that will allow me to set the charging start time, perhaps different start times for different days of the week or a custom schedule? The Tesla app just has a start charging now option, and then there is the option to specify what level you want to charge to and when you want to leave, and I am guessing the software works backwards to figure out when to start charging.

My cheapest electricity rates start at midnight. I don't want to stay up to plug it in after midnight and tell it to start charging now. Nor do I want to plug it in earlier and specify a level of charge that makes the software thing it should start charging earlier than midnight. I just want to tell it to start charging at a specific time and stop charging at a specific time even if the desired level of charge is not reached.

Is this possible through third party software? Is it possible to do this via the existing software somewhere, either on the vehicle or in the app?


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Oct 2, 2020
There are two related settings: Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure. Both features have recently been updated to be more flexible. :rolleyes:

You can only set Scheduled Charging and Schedule Departure from within the Tesla vehicle via the Charging screen. You can't currently set Scheduled Charging or Scheduled Departure at all using the Tesla app.

Schedule Charging

Scheduled Charging enables you to charge during a defined charging window (this window may coincide with an off-peak utility rate period.) When you first enable Scheduled Charging you enter the starting time of the Scheduled Charging window, say Midnight, and the end time of the Scheduled Charging window. (The latest version of the Tesla software enables you to set Scheduled Charging to start charging as soon as the start of the charging window if you want.) Most Tesla owners prefer to let Scheduled Charging automatically calculate when to start charging to complete charging within approximately 15 minutes of the end of the Scheduled Charging window (the time when presumably the off peak rate period ends or close to when you usually leave your house in the a.m.)

Example: If your off-peak rate period ends at 0700 then the Tesla will always complete charging by approximately 6:45 a.m. When Scheduled Charging is set it runs for all 7 days of the week. (Prior to the recent Tesla software update Scheduled Charging did not enable charging starting at the beginning of the Scheduled Charging window, assumed that the off-peak window ended at 0600 local time with no ability to change the end of the off-peak time.) Now it is possible to either start to charge at the beginning of the off-peak window or to automatically complete charging at the end of the off-peak window even if the off peak window does not end at 0600.) The reason to have Scheduled Charging complete as late as possible is that in winter the battery will already be partially warmed by the charging session making it more efficient and faster to precondition the battery pack for driving.

Scheduled Departure

Scheduled Departure is also accessed from the Charging screen. You toggle the screen option from Scheduled Charging to Scheduled Departure by pressing the screen button. Scheduled Departure can be set for Monday through Friday or for All Days. When Scheduled Departure is set On the Tesla vehicle will automatically start Preconditioning the Tesla vehicle starting 20 to 30 minutes prior to the specified departure time (depending on the outside temperature.) At colder temperatures preconditioning will also automatically warm the battery pack. Schedule Departure can now be set to run even if the Tesla vehicle is not plugged in. (Some people charge at work during the work week so they may only charge at home on the weekend.)

There are still use cases where Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure may not meet your needs. I.e. if the off-peak rate period ends at 0600 but you normally don't leave your house until 0730 then if you have Scheduled Departure set On the Tesla vehicle will start preconditioning, warming the battery pack and the passenger cabin starting at approximately 0700 (this is outside of the off-peak rate period) so if the Tesla is plugged in then the price per kWh you pay to precondition will be higher.
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Oct 2, 2020
Just want to add that when you have Scheduled Charging set, active that it only applies to charging at your home location. If you plug in to charge at work or any other location than your home location charging will start immediately. Probably worth noting that Scheduled Charging does not apply when using a Supercharger.
Many thanks for the detailed explanation. It all made sense, but I guess I didn't have the latest software as I didn't see these options in a way that made it logical. Will check for the latest updates.

I have downloaded optiwatt as well.

And, I read that if you give the command, "open butthole", the charging port opens. My life is complete.

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