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Charging starts at 16A

Got my EO charger installed Friday and very nice it is to. One problem however is that the charging always starts at 16A. I can go to the dashboard and change it to 32A no problem but that's not where it starts. Is there a way to save the higher amps setting?

I'm having endless issues with my home charger install, but I have noticed that the one I have now (EVBox Elvi) starts at 6A before ramping up. I think it's quite normal, so long as it goes to 32A and stays there (which the Elvi isn't - it keeps throttling back after a few hours).
My EO also sometimes stops at 16A. Also, sometimes the car shows a 16A limit. No very clear reason. Yesterday I started the charger 1.5 hours before going out, found it was charging at 16A, and would take 3 hours to hit my 80% limit. Stopped charger on App, waited 5 seconds, restarted it, and it ramped up to 32A, where it stayed. Makes no sense to me. Anyone have advice how to make it charge at 32A reliably?
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If its of any help, when I had my charger installed and first loaded the controlling app (for the charger) it would only charge at 17amps for some reason. Eventually I removed the app from my phone and reinstalled it and it immediately and continuously charged at 32amp from that moment on. :cool: