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Vendor Check out this sick Model 3 on ADV.1 Wheels! *HQ Pics*

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We're proud to be a part of this project! The world's first Model 3 in ADV1 wheels--might even be the first Model 3 with aftermarket wheels! We finally met up with the client to do this photoshoot after helping him custom design these wheels back in November 2017.

Just some quick info on these ADV.1 Wheels:
20x9 M.V2 CS (two piece forged wheel secured with titanium fasteners)
Matte Bronze finish
Every set built by ADV.1 is made out of forged aluminum so they aren't your typical cast wheel material, which is heavier and weaker. Every set is custom made for a specific client--client chooses spoke design, size, colors, etc. It's truly a unique experience that results in a fitment that requires no spacers or adapters as it's made specifically for your car.

Enjoy these pictures and if you too want to create your own special set of wheels for your 3, S, or X, I'd be happy to help however I can.





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Wheels weigh about 28lbs, and we can go lighter if a client chooses a monoblock design over a two-piece or 3 piece configuration.

There is another thread here that you might want to look at - a bunch of us where looking at 18 x 8.5 Forged options that are focused on strength and weight reduction. Basic mono-block designs - think basic spec racing type wheels, not gravity cast, not flow forged, not rotary forging, something similar to the VOLK Racing TE37SL @ $650 or less each. Another option is the VOLK Racing ZE40. Something that is light, ~17 lbs in the fitment below and very strong.

By comparison the stock Model 3's wheels (18 inch) only weigh 21.6 lbs without the aero covers and 23 lbs with the covers in the following fitment:
  • Offset: +40
  • 18 x 8.5J
  • PCD: 5X114.3
  • Center Bore: 64.1mm
Many of us have no budget for concierge /bespoke service, and it is a stretch for good high quality mono-block forged wheels that are feather lite for range efficiency.

Your product seems to align nicely with the Model S and Model X and the Roadster 2020 I think.

This thread has a lot of customers discussing wheel options - I hope you come out with a specific Model 3 option that we could group buy. I recommend you cross post there too if the Model 3 customers who are interested in ADV1's high end products.

Are the $2500 options mono block forged? Because that could be very compelling to a small group of us....if so can your provide a link to those wheels?