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Cheyenne to Twin Falls: North through Pocatello or south through Ogden?

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My wife and I are doing a road trip in the beginning of April. Not being too familiar with Wyoming/Utah/Idaho, should we go north through pocatello or stick to I-80 and go through Ogden? Pocatello is about 15 minutes longer, but if it is a nicer drive we don't mind taking the detour.
You kind of answered your own question :)

One thing I'd be concerned about is whether or not you can easily make it from the Rock Springs supercharger to Pocatello. That's a long stretch and it could be cold and/or windy. If you go through Jackson, you'd make it easily, but that is more like an hour detour than 15 minutes.

Also, I kind of like the stretch of interstate between Evanston and Ogden. You'd be missing that by taking the northern route. Also, the roads you'd be on in SW WY aren't particularly scenic if you went from Rock Springs to Pocatello, so it might not be worth it. Interstate driving with Autopilot is also much easier than driving on those 2-lane roads.

Maybe go off the interstate on the way there, and stay on the interstate on the way home? That way you see more. Also, Pocatello to Rock Springs is much harder to do on a single charge than Rock Springs to Pocatello due to the elevation change.
And if you're up for a little sightseeing stop, Tremonton, UT, which is a Supercharger you will probably use, is very near the museum and historical site of Promontory Point, where they drove the golden spike to join the transcontinental railroad. They have actual running replicas of the two original locomotives, and a really neat museum there. They bring the two locomotives out every day and run one up and down the tracks some every hour or so throughout the day. It's pretty neat.

And on the way out to it, there's a pretty neat outdoor display of rocket engines from Northrop Grumman, that they've built for NASA and the air force over the years.
Thanks for the replies. We're actually driving from Colorado to Seattle so we're thinking we'll go the WY,ID route on the way home and through MT on the way back. Will post a longer thread about that as we get closer.