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Chipped glass - in REAR Model S window?

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2020 Model S LR+ Owner
May 3, 2015
New Mexico, USA
I was using Windex to wipe the rear window the other day, and noticed two tiny spots, one a little bigger than the other. I rubbed and rubbed with a microfiber cloth and could not remove what I thought maybe were two tiny spots of bird droppings. The bigger spot felt rough, and as I rubbed I realized, omg, this isn't some deposit on the glass, this is a CHIP in the glass.


The photos make it hard to tell what it is; these were taken with an iPhone that doesn't like super-close-ups. But you can get a sense of how tiny these spots are.

So the first question is, has anyone else ever had chipped glass in the REAR window? I mean I can understand it happening on the front windshield, but the rear window? I'm trying to imagine some rock flying over the roof while I was on the freeway and landing on the rear window???

I have tiny paint chips in numerous places on the hood, but this is the first glass damage I've noticed.

Is there anything that can be done? (Besides full window replacement which seems overkill?) I'm concerned it might grow into a crack. Is there some speck of goo you can pour on it to at least make it smooth and not rough?
I would suggest calling your insurance company. Seriously.

Concerning *windshields*, many insurance companies will pay for chip repairs with zero deductible, in order to avoid claims for windshield replacement.

There are many small businesses that specialize in that sort of chip repair. They generally use a suction-cup gizmo to put a vacuum around the chip, which allows some sort of sealant glue to penetrate down into the cracks. The result is generally smooth to the touch, and it decreases the chip's visibility substantially.

I don't know if the same thing would hold true for a back window--but it's probably worth investigating.