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Choose delivery location?

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John Lamoureux

l Parzival l
Jul 2, 2016
Quick question folks as I wait in earnest to get my chance to configure...

Once able to configure, are you able to choose a delivery location? I know I'm in NH, but say I want to get work done by TSportline, and they only have a location in CA. Can I accept delivery at a Service Center in CA instead of MA, where I made my reservation or where I plan to register it?
I honestly have no idea but I'm bored at work so I will take a stab at it.

I have a feeling that you'll have to speak with your assigned Delivery Specialist to see if they can pull it off.

This is the closest answer I could find:
Q. Tesla doesn’t have a Service Center in my state. Can I still pick up my Tesla at a Service Center in a different state?

A. Although we always encourage experiencing delivery at one of our Service Centers, some states do have regulations against taking delivery in a state different from the state where registration will occur. Please discuss delivery options with your Delivery Experience Specialist.