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Chris Paine's new documentary "Do You Trust This Computer?" FREE this Weekend


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Mar 4, 2017
SF Bay Area
Plan to sit down and watch Chris Paine's new documentary "Do You Trust This Computer?" hopefully later tonight if we get a chance. Subject is AI. Read on Mashable that Elon "felt passonate enough about the dangers of AI that he paid for the film to be free on Vimeo though this weekend." (so offer expires tonight)

Chris is the filmmaker who brought us the "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and "Revenge of the Electric Car".

Here's the link to the Documentary's website. Click on the Watch tab to get to the Vimeo video. Runs about 1 hr. 18 min. oops almost forgot to post the link :rolleyes:

Do You Trust This Computer?
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I see that people have posted Chris' entire video to YouTube in violation of his license. I expect it will be pulled. The "Who Killed the Electric Car?" can be watched on YouTube from $9.99, "Revenge of the Electric Car" from $2.99. Part of YouTube Movies -- so they also have a vested interest in making the full video available and charging for it.
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Just finished watching it. Wow, very thought provoking on many levels. Very well done. I don't watch a lot of documentaries but have found Paine's to be worth my time. Initially when Elon came out with his statement about AI being far more dangerous than nukes, I might have :rolleyes:, but given its reach and depth in our lives and knowing bad actors are out there, pretty sobering summary after watching the video. Thanks to Elon for treating us to the movie. Wish I would have known to posted about it sooner.
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