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Clearbra/Wrap = No AP guarantee

Do you have Autopilot and a clearbra or wrap?

My SC manager emailed this to me today following a series of braking / deceleration events Tesla has been researching.

“We have a response to the braking issue. The sensors are not the issue. The radar is. It is located behind the bumper and it can be affected by the extra thickness added to the bumper by the clear bra and wraps. Autopilot function is not guaranteed when aftermarket wrap or clear bra is installed.”
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This is a copout. Radar that can't see through a few mils of plastic?!

My installer cut out for all the ultrasonics, which you *might* think *could* have an issue. Radar have been 'looking* through plastic for decades (and look at your own microwave, if you have any doubt).

This is on a par with the employee that told me last week that I left the car plugged in too long and that is why it overcharged. When the manual flat out says a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla.... <sigh....>
This is true, but they don't say it can't see through the plastic, only that it may be distorting what it sees, i.e. acting like some kind of lens. Because radar frequencies are different than light, what may be optically clear to the eye may not be optically clear for the frequency this radar uses.
I cannot fault Tesla for this. They have no control over the possible interference a wrap can cause. Consider if there was a piece of dirt or worse yet a tiny bit metal powder from a guy grinding close by. The radar may be able to re calibrate, may not. Another reason to seek out a high quality installer that knows where your sensors are.
We have literally performed Clear Bra installations on thousands of Teslas and have never heard of this happening. There are plenty of owners here that have had this done with no issues. You may want to ask them if they are willing to reimburse you for the replacement cost of the clear bra if you remove the clear bra and the issues still persist. I think the answer you will get will be very telling.

In terms of the 9500ci, we typically do not recommend installing it behind the bumper as we've found that it does diminish the effectiveness of the unit. The radar jammers require a fairly clear line of sight, so although it will still work when the jammers are mounted behind the bumper, being obstructed by a physical object will lessen its effectiveness. Having the clear bra on the bumper will not add to this issue.
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I believe those are all about the ultrasonics, which do need holes. The OP's interaction was about the radar, which I can't remember a comment/thread about before.

Do AP1 and AP 2/2.5 both use radar? My S didn't have AP, so I am not as up to date on the details. It seems like there have been lots of AP cars with wraps that have not had problems. If all AP cars have radar is seems like it would have come up long ago if it were an issue.
Do AP1 and AP 2/2.5 both use radar? My S didn't have AP, so I am not as up to date on the details. It seems like there have been lots of AP cars with wraps that have not had problems. If all AP cars have radar is seems like it would have come up long ago if it were an issue.
AP2/2.5 added the side cameras and other front cameras. I'm 99.9% sure it has a front radar. AP1 has TACC, no? Sure it does...

Seriously, I don't think some of the staff at the SC get a lot of technical training. And if they were that good, they'd be higher paid technicians or engineers. I should know, I are one. (That's an old engineering joke... :D ) So, they say things like this (OP's statement he received with 'radar and plastic') with no real basis but it *sounds* good.
Yes all AP use radar. AP1 radar is lower than AP2 and 2.5. 1 and 2 use a Bosch radar and 2.5. had a Continental radar. Ap1 was heated and had a plastic shield piece in front of it.

At any rate the burden is on Tesla if they are denying warranty based on clear bra. They've gotta prove its the cause of the issue.
They are just spewing bs - there are lots of non wrapped cars like mine that have had issues. Instead of working on AP2 which we paid for they blame us, pathetic. Well I mean it’s service so they usually don’t know much about what they are talking about. They don’t have too much insight into the autopilot side of the car.
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