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Clicking Noise From Drive Train

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To confirm, my wheels are balanced and are not bent. This issue all started when all my ABS lights, traction lights etc went off and brought into Tesla. Many front suspension parts were replaced including the upper control arm and front wheel speed sensors.

After this service visit, my car has been emitting heavy vibrations, almost like a shake into the steering and both driving pedals. What’s worse is it shakes over 60mph, becoming undrivable at nearly 75mph.

I decided to take a look under the car and when I spun the front wheel, a clicking noise came from the driveshaft. Seems to be clicking where the axle and driveshaft meet.

Would anyone happen to know if this is the cause for shaking? If so, any way to remedy this? I am currently at 70,000 miles so general warranty is out, but I still have drivetrain warranty. Would this be covered?
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I will say i had a vibration issue that would start around 55 and get really bad around 70-75. If you have foam lined tires may want to have the balance checked again and the tires that are out of balance get the foam checked…it turned out i had 2 tires with bad foam where it folded over. One was in the front and could feel in the wheel when manually driving (Not when auto steer was enabled)
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