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Climate off because battery = 0% (but battery is @ 50%) ?

Several times lately we've noticed my S quite cold when I thought I'd turned it on to pre-heat. I didn't think I'd forgotten that many times and a couple of times I was sure I'd turned it on to pre-heat. Today I may have gotten a clue about it when I noticed this message while eating lunch:

TesPreHeat - 1.jpg

However, my battery was actually about 50% and the app indicated 127 miles of range. So, tried to turn it on again and after a couple of minutes of spinning icon got:

TesPreHeat - 4.jpg

Rebooted car (2018.6.1) and phone so we'll see if it happens again.


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That is very bizarre - I *just* received this same message for the first time yesterday. The S was plugged into the wall charger and charging was complete at 80%....then went to turn on the climate via phone app and set the phone back on to finish getting kids ready for school. When I got in the car I realized it wasn't warm so I checked to make sure I had actually turned the climate on, and saw that same message: "Climate has turned off because battery has reached 0%" but it was clearly at 80% and I had no issues driving throughout the day.

It didn't happen this morning, but will keep an eye on it. FWIW, I'm on Android, not IOS.
Have this exact issue on my Model 3..
Rebooted phone, rebooted Tesla, tried TeslaFi, Tried another phone .. issue is the same.
However, if the car door is open - it works just fine - also when I am away from the car..
Firmware v. 2019.8.5 .. Very annoying - have reported it to Tesla.