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Cold weather heat pump comparison

The heatpump apparently has issues in very cold weather. Or at least it can have issues, but seems like it's just sensors, and not the pump itself. Thankfully, it doesn't get crazy cold where I live, plus car is garaged, so hopefully we'll never have an issue. We did a long trip not long ago where it got right to freezing (32F), and car performed perfectly fine. I also wonder how more efficient is the new heat pump at 32F than older cars. By the way, supposedly the heat pump cars also have the regular heating element option if it gets too cold. Is that the case? That'd be the best of both worlds.
Is there any data out there comparing the earlier M3, no heat pump, with the new M3 with heat pump for efficiency and range in cold weather?


Now if you've never watched his videos and think he full of sh*t or whatever, he has been testing Teslas since like 2013 and have tested a lot of other EVs and still does. I trust his data and opinions more than others.
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