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Collision Avoidance Assist experiences

On my way back from Leeds SC to home there are some roadworks on the A1 which mean the contraflow lanes are pretty narrow.

As a car overtook me in the right hand lane, autosteer kicked in and moved me over to the left... at least that's what the screen said. I can't actually say I felt anything on the steering wheel though.

That warning noise is pretty loud...
Yeah, had this today. Was a bit close to the left rumble strip while turning left, but not on it, small B road. Got the beep and the warning something about steering and safety. Didn't really feel the car do anything much and I was not in danger of coming off the road.
I want to know how we cope with British b roads at national sped limits. we all know its safest to keep straight as well as fastest until there's car coming then you slow right down.

not one person I know would keep to the sharpness of them bends without cutting the line even a little bit or going at 10mph.

advanced driving methods teach you to take the curve of the road at the distance you can see to which you simply cannot do if it will keep pushing you back. also what happens if you need ot avoid a large pothole or branch?

I know exactly when it would complain the most too as my lane warning on my xtrail is forever going of down the roads near me to the point I have to turn it off or risk driving in a hedge to shut it up.
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