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Coming up on 12 month and?

...the year's complimentary data access is running out. Do you get a reminder, or have to get it by going to the account?
They send you a reminder email.

“Your complimentary Premium Connectivity trial is ending on 19 December, 2020. After this date your car will switch to Standard Connectivity.”

I let mine expire then after a few weeks went back to the email and tapped the subscribe link. I really only use the traffic and the satellite maps are nice. Barely worth the $10pm for me, but I subscribed.
Thanks Flatbat: I did eventually find the page on my account but it's hidden away as a purchase of an upgrade or something like that. I do use the superchargers quite often and watch TV while plugged in so I will probably have to subscribe.
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I was of the understanding that Premium Connectivity merely covered ongoing use of LTE for certain functions. What if you maintained an ongoing WiFi connection via a mobile phone hotspot? Wouldn't you be able to get traffic updates etc that way without needing Premium Connectivity?
I haven't tried this, however.
Not sure what I’m going to do.

Maps are one thing but not a big deal.

Spotify is a big deal but can’t you use your cel for the data connection to the cars Spotify instead of the cars cell data connection ?

Still have about five months left so we’ll see.
They aren’t related, but you’d definitely benefit from live traffic updates with the FSD, as with navigating any busy location yourself manually.

Not specially not work, but more so become
Inaccurate to out of date.

Okay so you look the ability to factor in traffic (and 3D VIEW of maps) then, not turn by turn navigation itself. Remaining question is if you don’t pay the $10 do the navigation maps still get updated; or is it the satellite. VIEW of maps, as well.

Map data, and this navigate on autopilot is never going to use outdated maps if you don’t pay the monthly fee?

Does traffic data also include construction data? This could be a huge difference. Rerouting for traffic (or accident) is one thing but in many places like Los Angeles it’s not uncommon for freeway on / off ramps (or even just streets) to be closed for months or even a year or more. Is this included n traffic because it should captured by Cal Trans along with traffic data? Is it captured in map updates? Or is it not captured at all?

Other traditional (non-Tesla) auto makers typically only update the base map data (not satellite or 3D) if you buy the annual $200 map data. Which you often have to pay $10-$20 month just to get say Google Earth (satellite and Street View) as well.

Fair question.
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Remaining question is if you don’t pay the $10 do the navigation maps still get updated; or is it the satellite. VIEW of maps, as well.
The base maps get updated over WiFi, you don’t need Premium Connectivity for that. Although in the 14 months I’ve owned Model 3, I’ve had only one map update that I can recall.

Premium Connectivity is required for real-time information delivery to the vehicle. Base maps don’t change in real time.

Satellite imagery is different, since Telsa does not download the entire planet’s (or entire country’s) satellite imagery to make it available offline. Although it could do that if it chose and there was enough on-board memory to hold it. They might also not do that for financial reasons if there are licensing fees involved.
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