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Common Accessories/Aftermarket Changes

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I didn't see anyone with a comprehensive list of common aftermarket or tesla accessories added to cars.

I have a 90D schedule for late August and was wondering what was common to add-on.

Hit List:

Floor/Trunk Mats
Center Console
Lighting (T front and Back)
Car Cover (keeping it outdoors for now in Socal)

Anything else people have had success with.

Thanks for the help!

Some of these are obvious, but for completeness:
Chrome delete
Frunk and Trunk organizers
Aftermarket stereo
- NVX Sub
Clear bra
Caliper wrap/paint (unless you ordered a P85D)
Spotify and Tunein accounts
Pano roof shades
Chademo + J1772 + other power adapters
LED lighting kit for frunk, trunk and footwells
Key fob case
Lowering links
My 85D is still pending delivery (hopefully this week!), but these are the accessories I've pre-ordered and made appointments to install:

* XPEL wrap on the front side only
* Blackvue Dashcam (front and rear)
* Key fob pocket from Abstract Ocean
* Tire repair kit
* Magnetic phone holder

Still fussing over which center console to get... The EVannex one has nicer cupholders and a better compartment door, but the Tesla one has more storage space and looks more natural... :frown:
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If you want a center console that matches your trim, go with Evannex. I am very happy with the one I got from them. I got the car cover from Tesla. Expensive at $400, but high quality and has the front and front wheel vents for the compressor cooling while charging. Don't forget the rear seat coat hooks from Evannex also. ($8) The Weathertech floor mats through Tesla look and work great. Frunk, Trunk and interior.
I got this for console
I had all these grand plans of things I would buy when I got the car, then I realized I don't need most of them.

Tints <--- heat reduction
Rear Sunshade <-- debatable, as my kids don't go in the trunk if it's above 80F anyways...

And that's it...

I plan on getting an aftermarket audio upgrade once my kids no longer use the trunk seats.
Totally agree with Max*. Get the car and see what you need from there.

General thoughts on some accessories.

Tints - They look great and aren't expensive.
Xpel - In hindsight, I wouldn't do this again. It's very pricey and likely unnecessary** but I got spooked by people's comments on the forums about the softness of the paint. **My opinion, of course
Rubber Floor mats - Since you're in LA, I don't think you'll need the rubber floor mats. I went with them because I live in Wisconsin (where there's rain, snow, mud, etc.) but they show dirt very easily.
Center console - I still don't think there's a good solution on the market as they're all quite bulky (and, again, not cheap) so I'd see how you like it without one first.
Key fob holder - I received free leather ones at delivery
CHAdeMO - Need is purely dependent on the SuperCharger network in your travel areas

Just my 2 cents... Enjoy!
Agree about XPel being very expensive and unecessary, again just my opinion.
I also put this up if you are interested. XPel, Opticoat etc. alternative for cheapos
I also got this Amazon.com: Transcend JetFlash 710 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (TS64GJF710S): Computers Accessories for Media.
I got center console.
I got that Amazon.com: Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer: Automotive for the space in the trunk, it is GREAT for carrying groceries, and fits Model S perfectly.
I got all weather floor mats from Tesla.
I got the free leather keyfob holders at delivery, although I am not sure if I like them too much.
I am considering getting this Amazon.com: Jcsportline Trunk Boot Spoiler Carbon Fiber Lip Wing for Tesla Model S Black2012-2014: Automotive
I am considering adding carbon fiber stickers on the piano black, but not sure yet.
I opted for the front and rear consoles, plus car cover. A little spendy but the kids need cup holders in the back and I want a docking station up front. Will explore window tinting after delivery and keep an open mind on the mats for floor/trunk/frunk but appreciate everyone's observations.