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Common Tesla firmware forum


Since the firmware threads are very popular, can we put them in one place? Makes it easier to spot them and also track history.

Create a common subforum called Firmware or Software Updates. Then make a subforumlink to it from the S, X and 3 forums so all users get to the same place.

Would make the forum a lot better, and we won't see a copy of each firmware thread in each model forum.

The forum rewrite (common areas, instead of the S forum more or less being it...) has been talked about forever, and last I 'heard' they wanted to use tags for 'ease of locating' things. The problem with that is that it requires the poster to use them.

Not sanguine on that getting much traction.... We do have a 8.1 firmware thread, it gets some use. And mostly people post in their 'home' thread already. Either the X or S (or 3).

Reddit, for example, is more heavily moderated, and has someone who volunteered to create firmware threads. But that, of course, is one monster forum.

All that was just background. Not sure what the best answer is without a real rewrite and heavy moderation. I've taken to living in the S forum, even though I own an X. (See?)
Not sure what the best answer is without a real rewrite and heavy moderation. I
The forum rewrite

There's nothing to "rewrite".. forums and categories are not hard coded. It would take all of 5 minutes to add another "Current Vehicles Common Area" forum in this section, just like "Roadster 2020" and "Semi" sections was recently added without a "rewrite." or heavy moderation (see image below). Ok, maybe 15 minutes to update all the menus and navigation bars and themes.

That way, all threads common to S/X/3 could go in there, including all firmware discussions.

The question is, does Doug and Danny want to do it, and/or feel it's necessary? I think it's our job to convince them that 'yes, I think this is necessary and will reduce clutter and confusion in the other forums.'

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I can't see how 3 links from each model specific forum to a common Firmware board would require a rewrite. :). It's just one board and 3 links really.

I think a common firmware board is better than a generic Common vehicles board. Because people understand better what it's for and it makes the firmware threads kind of clean and easy to find.
If there's a sticky in each 'main' forum that leads to a 'Common Firmware' forum, that could work. The problem now is that everyone seems to live in one 'home' place.

Except for the ones that post in the User Interface sub forums.. :D The problem is that there are really too many places and no penalty for doing it wrong.
It is getting ridiculous that TMC doesn't have a common forum for things that are common to all three cars. I am about to post an informational thread about how to update the maps data for the new nav system. I guess I'll have to create three threads. Silly.