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Company Lease Insurance Unavailable?


I'm a happy private owner of a Model 3 (ownership birthday next week) - I've just moved house and a new neighbour called around with an issue that I struggled to help with. Hoping the great hive mind here can help him out.

Basically his company have just leased 3 Model 3s and a couple of Kias for the directors of the company. They are all mature drivers with decent no claims etc. They've had charging infrastructure installed in the offices around the country and the drivers homes but have hit a snag. Existing insurers and broker have told them they can't get them insured because "of the performance and Tesla's insistence for repairs being in-network". The quotes they seem to have had for moving to personal leases are 5x both premium and excess I pay with LV.

Has anyone else heard of this issue? Seems ridiculous they can't get them insured given the tax incentives have been created to encourage business to go electric. The ideal is for the company to keep the benefit of VAT etc

If anyone can point me at any advice/broker that I can point him at I'd really appreciate it. I'd hate for them to change to only Kia leases if this is something trivial to get by.

Thanks in Advance,
I came up against this issue trying to insure a Model X and S on fleet insurance - I thought it would be cheaper but the few companies I spoke to basically said that they don't cover Teslas due to difficulty arranging repairs, and they recommended getting individual policies with Direct Line.

We've now done that, and the quotes have been significantly cheaper, and it covers business use as standard.
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Yes I had this, our company insurance just said no to the Tesla but excepted 2 Etrons without a fuss. Think it was Allianz. I had to go privately with direct line but they wouldn’t accept company ncb so ended up paying £850 ish. Well I didn’t work did but at least building my own ncb now
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