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Comparing Model X performance with other SUVs

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I saw an article entitled "the ten fastest SUVs"; so I thought it would be fun to compare them against Model X.

The 4,900lb Model S P85D is a precursor car to the Model X of the same caliber - i.e., high power invertor and so on. The S P85D does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, so I was wondering how fast the X P85D may be. Aerodynamics don't really come into play during standing start acceleration, it's the mass of the car (a.k.a. power to weight ratio). If the Model X weighs 20% more than the Model S, it will have 80% of the acceleration. I think a 5,880lb Model X P85D could accelerate to 60mph in 4.0 seconds.

In this table I've priced the Model X P85D at $110,000 because that's $5K more than the equivalent Model S, per hints from Elon earlier this year I think. Also this price is bereft of any options like Autopilot/Tech Package (so ASP would be higher)

I also expect the Model X Wh/mile figure to be lower, but what it'll be is anyone's guess. Either way, the Model S is four to six times more frugal with energy, while accelerating faster than all of them.


I included Wh/mile calculated by dividing 34,020 (per Wikipedia) by the combined EPA gasoline mileage number.
I do not think Model X85 will be 20% heavier than Model S.
The underboddy/draivtrain will be the same, the chassi is made of aluminium and glass, just like the S but heavier, sine it is larger.
7seats will gain waight, this is exstra and not in a standard car.
On the other hand, battery chemistry is under steady development and a 2015 85kWh battery will have less waight than a 2012 battery. :)
I guess Model X will make the 3.5s 0-60. :)
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I'm inclined to agree with you, but in the light of having absolutely nothing to go on... I had to be conservative. It could be even more awesome than that!!!

According to the "How It's Made" episode, the battery is 1150lbs and the mass of all the aluminium bodywork is 410lbs. The latter part is what would change, so, perhaps, 510lbs ? (If there is a 110kWh battery option, it may weigh a bit more than the current 85kWh battery.) Perhaps you're right and it won't be that much heavier.

3.9 sounds a lot better than 4.0. If the other SUVs are all beaten by the Model X... they are going to have an awful time speeding up their vehicles with oil-burning technology, which is invariably loud, expensive, and maintenance-prone, and interferes with passenger space and handling capability.