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Compiled list of where Model 3 is on display

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I am in the backwaters of Texas and never have seen a Model 3 in the flesh yet. Could we compile a list of where they are currently on display? I think it would be useful for everyone to know if there are any anywhere nearby.

I'd love to see something like this.... I'm in West Palm Beach and we do have a dealership here... But no Model 3... I have to travel 2hrs one way to Miami or 2.5 hrs in the other direction to Orlando.... That's if they even have one..
I started this thread early on:

List of Early locations countrywide for Model 3 viewing in store

I know that a few other threads are out there, some more really about the showroom displays from people who stopped in. Had thought originally a simple list thread would be nice and hopefully more concise but pretty hard to keep organized that way. I know someone started a thread that the car had left the Boston location if not mistaken. And I know display cars are now or soon to be in Canada.

Maybe some kind moderator will take it on themselves and combine or make a sticky thread for this and save people a lot of time trying to find this info out. Definitely think a Sticky for this topic would be beneficial as so many haven't even seen the car yet. BTW Supercharger locations can sometimes be a good location and a friendly owner can answer a lot of your wuestions and maybe even let you sit in theirs.
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