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Computer unresponsive and locked out of car

Went to work, key card in my wallet that I leave in the car (Almost always), charging. Checked on MY with my iphone app and not responsive. Reset App, logged out/in, nothing. Called Tesla up who contacted my car and said that the computer is not responsive and needs to be reset. They said to use my Key card which is a no go. They said I could tow the car to a service center and I am like No way. I was going to send an UBER driver to my house and pick up my wife's Key card to open up the car which is no big deal but what if I am out of town?

Anyhow, car suddenly responded so everything is good.

I want to prevent this issue from happening in the future or if someone steals my wallet/keys at the same time.

The only solution I can think of is to hide the key card somewhere on the outside of the car. My only thoughts looking around is using some Glue/Tape and slip the card into a holder.

Any other good solutions to this when the computer is not responsive?
Checking on the phone app requires that app to talk to a Tesla server on the internet (which means your cell phone needs internet connectivity in some form) and that Tesla server talks to your car. Your car thus also needs internet, either through wifi (for example if you're home) or cellular internet. If your car is sleeping, the Tesla server sends it an SMS first to wake it up, which means again your car needs good cell phone signal. You can help this by making sure those internet connections / signals are good.

Using the phone as key is completely different, you just need to be close to the car as it uses bluetooth LE (I believe). Here, when this fails, it's typically because your cell phone has decided to put the Tesla app to sleep. You must check your phone settings. Some say that killing and starting the bluetooth antenna on your phone sometimes helps. Otherwise just start the Tesla app and then pull your door handle.

In the remote case where the phone as key doesn't work (but it really should), you should always have a physical card on your body.
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In the remote case where the phone as key doesn't work (but it really should), you should always have a physical card on your body.

Order the $100 Tesla key fob for your keychain as a tertiary backup. The Model 3 one works fine with my Model Y. Looks like it, too, since the 3 and Y are so similar.
The problem I have with these suggestions is they are both essentially saying “you can’t rely on Tesla to work consistently like it’s supposed to.” Sorry, for a basic functionality like locking and unlocking, I expect it to work, just like every other car I’ve owned
Has your phone never died?
Actually no, it hasn't. I have lost my wallet, though. Regardless, the issue is the lack of reliability in the Tesla software.
The 100% reliable method is with the card. The phone, because the battery can die and because iOS or Android can decide to suspend the Tesla app, is not 100% reliable and will never be.
If you configure your phone properly, it can be 99% reliable.
I have my phone configured properly and it was 100% reliable but suddenly dropped to 30-40% with no change other than a Tesla software update. Since the last one it seems to have fixed itself. I'm happy it's better, but not satisfied that something as basic as unlocking the car becomes unreliable when Tesla updates the software.