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Concerns about buying


Aug 19, 2020
San Antonio, TX
Hey all,

I picked up the Model Y and have it took it home for the night. Unfortunately I work early in the morning and won’t have too much time with her but I did have a lot a fun driving it tonight with my daughter and grandson. I am on the fence about going for that or a model three, or even anything at all right now. I’ve seen and read a lot about battery day coming up and possible changes and or price decreases at whole bunch of other stuff. I know it’s like the new iPhone every year. There’s always going to be a new best thing. I do love the idea of the model three and the model Y I am just not sure I am ready for it. One thing that both my daughter and I very much dislike about these cars are how tiny the mirrors are. Laura at the San Antonio show room told me that she uses the cameras instead of the mirrors exclusively. I tried that and I got a little nauseated, almost. Everyone told me I would want to sign and drive as soon as I drove one and I am just not sure. So here are my big concerns

  1. Issues with fit and finish. I know there are tons of threads and videos about this. I get that Tesla is new to the car game but where is the quality control? I have seen vids/pics where alignment of the rear trunk was off by inches.

  2. The mirror size is a real concern. Granted, coming from a Ram 1500 the mirrors are huge, but even in my Sonata Hybrid there is a big difference.

  3. Battery day and updates - Never heard of this prior to a week ago but I am reading lots of posts about updated batteries, range etc. Does it make sense to buy now prior to any announcements?

  4. Tesla made me a great offer on my trade, but it expires today. So I feel like I am pressured to do something today in order to still get that offer. Carmax was 4k lower so thats not an option.
I think thats all the main concerns I have now. Trying to breathe and soak it all in.

Thanks for the support


Marginally-Known Member
Mar 28, 2015
Houston, TX
I can address some of these concerns:

1. I would say that in the past, there have been some fit/finish issues but that it is a lot better these days, especially for established lines (S/X/3). The Y is a new production line, but Tesla is more experienced with the setup now. I'd say the best thing to do is a careful inspection of the car at delivery. If it doesn't meet your standards, you can have them agree to repair or you can reject delivery and get a different one (you may end up having to wait a while if you do that, especially for a Y).

2. I have not have any issues with the mirrors. If they're adjusted properly, you can see everything you need. Plus, if you drive on AutoPilot a lot, the car is watching for you, so it won't move into anyone. You'll also get used to the cameras, they work very well, but there's a learning curve just like anything else. I tend not to use the cameras during road driving, but more in parking lots and parking garages.

3. So yes, there is probably an upcoming battery day in the next few months and I have a feeling there's going to be some pretty major annoucements. However, I think the major impact is going to be on the S/X (I think they may shift the S/X to 2170 cells vice 18650). For the 3/Y, there might be some incremental range increase, but I doubt it's going to be earth-shattering.

4. Even if the offer expires, you can probably re-apply for the trade and get a similar price. Used car prices and offers are going up recently as a result of the pandemic, so the used car market is definitely a seller's market right now.


Jan 8, 2019
My advice is to come to your own conclusions. I am not saying everything is perfect, but many people on the internet have an agenda with their comments.

Just do what you did for every other car purchase you have made.
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Jun 12, 2019
Did you need to make any special requests to get this arrangement? I've heard of others doing this as well but not sure how to make it happen.
When I took my test drive last year, the Las Vegas Tesla retailer offered to let us take an overnight test drive, too. We didn't do it, as we'd already decided. But all they wanted was a copy of our driver licenses, proof of insurance, and a valid credit card number.

Glad to hear they're still offering this service.

OP, buying a car is a highly situational, personal experience. You are uniquely qualified to make the decision based on your situation... a situation that you know far better than anyone else. Weigh your options, and make the decision you think is best for you and your family. And then buy the car. ;)

OK, forgot I said that last sentence. But we have had our Model 3 for a year and two weeks, and we love it now more than we did on the first day.... FWIW.


Active Member
May 28, 2019
Vernon, BC, Canada
My takes:
  1. This is still a valid concern. Traditional dealerships would typically handle this better (in my experience and many others). I care less about the panel gaps and more about similar issues that lead to functional issues like seals not seating (leaks) and loose interior panels drooping and rattling (incorrect/rushed assembly with broken clips). You'll also occasionally see issues worse than panel gaps externally - my bumper was clearly repaired prior to delivery, and poorly so.
  2. Yes, the mirrors are tiny and oddly shaped. Using the screen to get around this is weird, because the side views are even smaller than the mirrors. I find mirrors way better for alignment. It hasn't hurt me in any way and I got used to it more, but being in a different vehicle now is kinda like "Oh, right, this is how easy it's supposed to be to see!". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Buying now still makes sense. I don't follow the whole hype train around battery innovation. Things have been steady for quite a while - the main thing that has been a "game-changer" is continual reduction in costs, but not increased energy density. Any chemically-different game-changer would need a lot of vetting. Panasonic, for Tesla, said they're going for a 20% improvement in density over the next 5 years. See: Panasonic Plans to Bump Battery Density by 20% in 5 Years - Tesla Motors Club
  4. You can always sell privately to get more. But even then, I don't think it's likely they'd refuse your trade-in after today, they just need to re-evaluate (the odometer is likely increased from last time, but that won't make a $4000 difference).
Basically, be prepared for quality issues because Tesla is always rushing, the car isn't designed well for humans (whether it's mirrors or wiper controls), game-changing battery innovation available in next month's deliveries is highly unlikely, and the trade-in is likely renewable.


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Sep 9, 2019
1. My car has very very insignificant issues. Many other people -- tesla fans and supporters -- have obvious issues. I've seen other cars on the roads, like those parked next to mine at charger, with some very obvious flaws. There is PLENTY of evidence of this on the web that its not a conspiracy. No point for the Tesla folks to stick their heads in the sand about this.

The best advice is: inspect the car carefully at delivery. If you dont like it, reject it, and try another one.

2. No issues. Never really given it a thought. The near-frameless rear mirror design is nice. At night, the autodimming function creates a "bezel" so it the apparent viewable area is smaller. But I havent thought about this in months.

You could always replace with aftermarket.

3. All noise. Order the car when you decide you want to have the car.

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