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Confessions of a Nervous Nellie (Delivery Success)

After having one botched delivery attempt (wrong color), I started digging through TMC to find out if my experience was unique. I kept reading more and more stories about cracked glass, condensation in tail lights, misaligned hoods, etc. The picture I was getting was unnerving. But at the same time, with maybe 5,000 deliveries a month, for every 5 bad stories, there should be 4,995 smooth deliveries, right? Still, I worried.

I went to my delivery armed with my checklist and my flashlight, going over everything closely in case I needed to make a list for the service center. My experience at the Brentwood, TN center couldn't be any more different than the Atlanta, GA delivery center (which appeared to be an unorganized disaster). Brentwood was professional, friendly, and tolerated my nervous requests for inspection. They indicated they do their own inspection ahead of me (didn't happen in GA, clearly... the wrong color should have stuck out immediately). Long and short, I could find nothing wrong with the M3. The software was up to date, and the car behaved flawlessly for my 3-hour drive home. Stopped at a SC to make sure all that worked. EAP kicked in after only 30-ish miles. Nags were minimal and fair.

Lesson? If you read these boards, there's a silent majority of owners where things go smoothly (at least for now, crossing fingers). Which is not to minimize the people who have real issues, of course. Some of the stories here just shouldn't happen. Hopefully, Tesla will examine the DCs and SCs that are making people satisfied and use that to template out their growth- they will need it, as the car moves from 'fanboy' to bulk market buyers. I'm somewhere inbetween market-wise, and I can say that the GA facility isn't going to cut it, while the TN facility is the way it should be.
There are so many people that obsessively follow Tesla, much like yourself, and in my case almost daily since 2011. Bad stories tend to get more than their fair share of publicity. In the end, the so called misalignments and paint defects are very minor and certainly not exclusive to Tesla. I wasn't even aware of them until reading a number of posts on TMC and Reddit.

As as an example, I recently rented out a brand new 2018 Audi A6 Avant in the Netherlands. It had about 34 km on the clock. I immediately noticed the chrome trim did not line up properly between the front and rear doors; the rear was almost 1.5 mm higher!

I think new Tesla owners are becoming so obsessed with these minor details that they are spoiling their delivery experiences over nothing. And let us not forget, unlike Audi and pretty much every other brand sold through a dealer, Tesla will always take care of you no matter how minor the issue is. I say enjoy your new car and get those 1.5 mm tweaks sorted the next time you visit the service center, and enjoy being tempted by that Tesla loaner specced way higher than yours...
And I have to say, two things that surprised me:
1. The legroom and headroom in the back seats were better than expected. Much better than my VW Sportwagen.

2. The sound system is f****ing AMAZING. It's like wearing a set of high-end headphones. I'm blown away.
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If anything, there are more problems than what we are reading about here on the forums. Most owners don't bother to look online for discussion forums such as this. Glad you got YOUR car eventually and are enjoying it. 11 more days for me and I will hopefully finally be behind the wheel of mine.
Yes, the proportion of numbers of issues to what is delivered just fine isn't adequately represented in the press or on the forums. Hopefully getting our car delivery set up for this weekend, and sure concern over having a good delivery is a thought in the back of everyone's head and no one wants to be that person. Glad to hear your delivery was great this time and you're enjoying your car now. Can't wait for mine. I remember reading your earlier post with the wrong car color (shaking head) so appreciate your following up.
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