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Configured 4/13 waiting on VIN (RED+PUP+LR+19+AP)

They are just starting to assign VINs for orders placed the second week of April, and there are plenty of Reds. I placed my order April 7th and just got a VIN this weekend. There's nothing odd here. The only odd thing is that they haven't made any Sport wheel cars in a while, but they were blowing them out in the middle of April, so they are probably just balancing the much bigger backlog on Aeros.

For your exact config, all cars up to April 10th have VIN's, and none after that. They quoted 3-6 weeks, and you're two weeks in. It's hard to wait, but nothing funny is up. You should get your VIN later this week or early next.
It's not so much the color as the 19" rims. Per the invites spreadsheet the last reported vin assignment on a red with 19" rims was 4/26, although you have to go back to around 4/10 to get a block on one day. There have been no VINs for sport rims assigned since 4/27 (on the spreadsheet) I get it that the Aero rims were behind, but they are starting to catch up now. Hopefully some sport rim equipped cars (Blue) will get assigned soon.
Dude.. quit complaining a bunch of people from 3/22 config still waiting on vins. I finally got mine on Monday.
who is...i have seen my friends and colleagues getting their deliveries scheduled who were invited on 4/22-4/24 the only difference was color. And dude things are almost doubled from March to MAY in production numbers so its irrelevant comparing wait times March to MAY...