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Considering a 2016 Model S 75D - Anything Missing?

I'm looking to purchase a 2016 Model S 75D from Carvana after deciding against the MX last night. What are some issues an "older" car may have vs newer ones? Here are some initial questions I have.

  1. The Model S actually appears to be a hatchback, when I always thought it was a sedan. This is good news for me as I much prefer a hatchback. Are the newer S's like this as well?
  2. No moonroof/panoramic glass? This is awesome and I didn't think any Tesla didn't have glass roofs (I don't like them at all!). Is it still possible to get an S with a metal roof?
  3. Autopilot. I assumed all Teslas had it, but maybe I'm wrong? Some docs just say "Cruise Control."
  4. What is the typical battery degradation to expect? Our current 2018 Leaf, which we are trading in for the MS has a massively degraded battery from having "grown up" in the Arizona sun.
  5. Is there a way to measure it w/o driving it all the way down? I have an OBDII dongle and used it on our old MYLR a while back. I've been using it on the Leaf since.
  6. Is it possible to ever get CCS on an older year like this, with an appropriate upgrade?
  7. It seems it might even have AM radio?
  8. Is the roof metal as in steel or aluminum?
  9. Should it have HomeLink? When did Tesla stop adding it again? I was to say 2020, but...
Anything else I might expect from being a former 2021 MYLR owner that I might "miss"? I did massive upgrades to the MY and never was happy with it.

Hi Falcon73,

I have a 2016 Model S 75. I bought it used from Tesla in 2018 with about 18K miles. The good thing at the time is that they were giving the cars full warranty (4 years, 50K miles) and free supercharge for life. Currently have about 57K miles. Here are answers to some of your questions:
1. Definitely a hatchback both old and new
2. At the time they had 3 types if roofs, sunroof or panoramic roof, fixed glass roof and color match roof.
3. I don't think Autopilot was standard at the time. I believe it need to be order. They also had Autopilot with Convenience Features which include summons, auto park and auto lane changes in autopilot (needs to be started with turn signal)
4. Currently my car is at about 205 at full charge. The original range was 249, which means I'm currently at about 18% degradation. If it gets to 30% before the 8 year warranty expires they will put a new battery. I live in MIami and I mostly supercharge it.
5. Not sure
6. Tesla has a CCS adapter in certain countries. It may be coming tot he US in the future. There are videos on YouTube of people charging the the CCS adapter
7. I have the MCU 1 and it does have AM, FM and I believe even Sirius/XM which I don't use
8. Most of the car is aluminum, but not sure about the roof.
9. Homelink was standard at the time. My has it. The GPS enabled HomeLink is amazing. Just pull to your garage and it opens automatically.

Hope this helps!
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6. Tesla has a CCS adapter in certain countries. It may be coming tot he US in the future. There are videos on YouTube of people charging the the CCS adapter
If you go to the software tab, click on the additional information link, it will pull up additional information about the car, such as showing you the type of Infotainment processor, cellular modem capabilities, motor types, etc. This now lists item for CCS adapter support. For my mid-2016 Model S it states:

CCS Adapter support: Not supported.​
I expect you'll find that for all the Model S vehicles up until the newest LR/Plaid versions.
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'14S,'16 X90,'18 3, 19 XRvn, 21 Y, 2014S
Mar 27, 2016
Melbourne fl
Well, after all this, we bought a Model X yesterday. I will be commenting on it over on the MX forum. I decided the MS, while a little higher than an M3 was too low for me.

The MX is a 2017 with 32k miles and is not without issues to the surprise of no one I'm sure, but the price was right after major haggling with a used car dealer.

Thanks again, All!
Enjoy. You made the right choice. Low is low. Keep you ass off the concrete and flap your wings! Your back will thank you.
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Mar 10, 2016
TACC was not standard in 2016 with the AP1 MobilEye system that was produced up through mid-October 2016. It was part of the $2,500 paid autopilot option as I explained earlier in this thread. Standard was conventional cruise control, not the traffic aware or radar assisted variant.
Nor was it standard after October 2016 - you had to buy Enhanced Autopilot for $5,000 to get TACC.

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