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Considering a Model Y


Mar 9, 2021
I actually like the frameless doors... I usually keep my windows all the way open and so getting out in my garage is easier especially if you are carrying something.

The drive stalk is so much more intuitive... my previous vehicle had the rotary dial and that was such a pain... especially when located next to the volume knob of the radio. Only thing is in other cars I turn on the wipers when I want to put it into drive. :)

One pedal driving is the best. I was skeptical at first, tried it off and on but now that I'm used to it, it sucks to have to use the brake in other cars. Even set our Leaf to e-pedal now when I drive.

I do not miss all the buttons but I do think there should be secondary display or HUD where it's closer to the road view.

The Tesla buying experience was also superior before the supply issues... no dealer mark-ups, no accounting pressure for add-ons, no salesperson pitches. Even the support is pretty easy, set up the appointment, drop the vehicle off, use Uber credits if you're not waiting and pick up later.


Jul 23, 2021
Minneapolis, MN
I believe it's just 1K for the LR?
I placed my MYLR order on July 16, and the price was $52,990 before options and fees. It’s now $54,990. I don’t recall another increase between the time I ordered and now, but I could be mistaken.

EDIT: just saw that there was indeed a $1K increase right after I purchased. I stand corrected. I’ll just move along now and go take a drive…
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Jul 23, 2020
McAllen, Texas
My primary concern with an EV is the ability to drive 100 miles (on 100% charge) from home and then back again with out having to worry if I'll make it home. This is with driving normal highway speeds of 65-75 mph.
I am retired - and bored - so I drive for Lyft to break up the day. When men get in my Model Y, they immediately have questions. (The ladies not so much.) Easily the most asked question I get is: "How far can I go?"

I live in deep south Texas. My wife, daughter and granddaughter drive to Houston every now and then. It is a 340 mile trip. I don't even have to charge to 100% when I leave the house. I easily make it to Kingsville, TX, for a charge. By the time we go into Starbucks, use the facilities and get coffee to go, the car is ready to go. Next stop is Victoria. By then we're hungry, so we either hit the Mickey D's across the street or one of the other eateries. By the time we get back to the car, it is ready to go to Houston. Our daughter is Vietnamese, so it's on to the stores she wants to visit, check into our usual motel, and find dinner. The next morning, I drop them off at the supermarket, go charge up, and I am back early enough to go find them in the store. The drive back home just reverses the order.

I just checked my record of Supercharges. The lowest charge I ever had when arriving at a Supercharger was 16%. Most times it's more like 25% to 30%. This is Texas, with 75 mph speed limits, and I drive that speed.

By the way, our longest trips have been to San Francisco to see our other daughter, and to central Florida to see our son. Range anxiety is real, but I found something to be true that I read on this forum: as you get used to the car, your range anxiety will disappear.


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Oct 21, 2012
San Bernardino Mountains, California
Thermal battery loss - can't elaborate on that - SoCal. I know it is a thing but nothing of a concern for a California owner, understandably.
Haha, we are up in the SoCal mountains, not far from ski areas 1.5 hours east of Los Angeles, and we have no garage, so cold is a real concern for our EVs. Tesla makes it easy, though; you can pre-warm the battery pack from the app. Also, both charging and pre-warming (both battery and cabin) can be timed to complete shortly before driving. When the car gets covered in snow and ice, it works wonders to pre-warm the cabin for a while, as the frozen stuff will then easily slide off. That's without having to enter the cabin to start an engine, and without having to breathe fumes from a cold engine that has to run rich.

Regarding battery charging, I have a perhaps a dumb question: when charging is the 12v battery also charged?
Or must the car be moving? There must be a DC-DC converter somewhere in the car to eliminate the need for an alternator...yes?
The car charges the 12V battery whenever it is on, and also from time to time while the car is "off" and parked. In our experience with Teslas, we've never had to worry about keeping the 12V battery charged.

In comparison, the least expensive Tesla model you can buy today is $40k with no options.
Of course, it's now $42k, but the standard features on a base Model 3 are much more than you'd get with "stripper" ICE cars!


Sep 1, 2021
As the OP, I really want to thank everyone for your responses. You've all been kind and thoughtful to someone who's trying to decide if the MY is the right choice.

I'm waiting to see what happens with the Reconciliation Bill. Then, I'll have a better idea of what the real cost will be. And yes, I'm aware Tesla recently increased MY-LR by $1k.

Some surprises in my research:
The vehicle warranty of 4yrs and 50k miles doesn't cover the infotainment screen. The screen and media control unit are only covered for 2 years or 24k miles. This seems absurd.

I know that many cars also have frameless doors and also have auto-actuated window sealing. Many cars have had this for decades. Even a convertible Lincoln from the 1960s had windows that performed like this! But, after reading many posts about this feature I stumbled on some information. If the puddle lamp in the door burns out, stops working or is removed, it will cause the window to raise before the door is closed. Not only can you damage the trim on the car but could break the window. This also reminded me of when I Test drove a MY in the last few weeks there was a customer's MY on the lot with a cracked window. I'll post a picture I took of it. I didn't know why the window was broken but now it makes sense. Maybe this is more common than most of you think.
I really don't mean to pile on! I just think the vehicle deserves a little criticism, considering the price point.
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