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Considering Tesla X in New England

Discussion in 'Model X' started by BMWtoo, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. BMWtoo

    BMWtoo Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    Considering a Model X as my first Tesla/electric vehicle. Any updates on build quality? Is Ghosting still a problem? How is the climate control in the cold and how bad is the range loss in mid-winter? I am about an hour from Natick, also, which I believe is the only nearby supercharger location, which also concerns me from a. service perspective.

    Thanks for any guidance!

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  2. mrpseudonym

    mrpseudonym Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    Don't buy one. My model X has been with the dealer for the last 3 weeks. I have driven a loaner Model S for longer than the model X that I purchased. My Model X has technical issues that render it undriveable. Ghosting and climate control are the least of my problems.
  3. volkerbradley

    volkerbradley Member

    May 29, 2013
    United States
    There are certainly different responses to the Model X. However, most reviews from Model X owners are positive. I live in New Hampshire which is 2 hours from the Dedham repair facility.
    The newer Model X build quality is much better than it was last year. If you need to have your Model X repaired or serviced, the Tesla team will come to your house, deliver another Tesla, pick up your car, perform the needed work and bring it back. Their service is fantastic. Ask for Chris Hatch who is very quick to answer emails and help in any way he can.
    I have never been aware of ghosting. It may be there but I have never aware of it. Didn't even know it existed.
    The most significant question is about the Winter climate. First of all, the car handles beautifully in the snow with the all season tires. The climate control works very well in the winter. I have always been comfortable in the car while driving the car in the winter up here in New Hampshire. As you know it can get pretty cold up here on occasion.
    The range loss in the winter can be significant. If you have the heaters set on high, the defroster running, the steering wheel heater on, the seat heaters on and you are speeding, then you will have significant reduction in range. If you feel like it, private message me. I would be glad to send you examples of what I experienced in the winter at different temperatures, different speeds, different elevations, etc.
    Lastly, I would suggest, that if you buy this car, have your electrician install the Tesla home charging unit. I had this unit installed with a 100 Amp wire going to the unit. Needless to say, I never have to think about Superchargers and my car is always charged. Fabulous system.
  4. xsi123

    xsi123 Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    I own a model S late 2016 build. I am guessing the climate control on this car is very similar (if not exactly the same) as the model X. I am not that impressed with the climate control in general. One of the issues I see is that in order to control temperature, the system is using hot and cold air and not at all the fans speed. For example let's say you have the temp setting at 72. If you start from 40, at some point the cabinet temperature will reach 76. Instead of just lowering the fan speed from 4 to 2 and wait for the temperature to lower, it just starting throwing cold air at the same fan speed. Having said that, this should be an easy fix as everything is software controlled. So I still hope that they will fix it.

    Also, according to the wife (and some posts here) the heat at the legs level is almost non existent.

    There is no Supercharger in Natick. There is only a showroom inside the Natick Mall and a few (4 I think) Wall connectors in the parking lot for the test drive cars (but you can use them). So, there is no service in Natick. However, there is a Service Center in Waltham/Watertown area and their main one is in Dedham.
  5. Lbkmxp100d

    Lbkmxp100d Member

    Dec 7, 2016
    Lubbock, TX
    I have my Model X since dec 20th and have had zero problems and have put 9.5k miles on it in less than 3 months. I willl never go back to anything other than Tesla.
  6. Gwgan

    Gwgan Almost a wagon

    Aug 11, 2013
    #6 Gwgan, Mar 20, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
    1 year 22k miles 4 hours north of Dedham. Many parts have been replaced and the only real problem remaining is the unsolved acceleration vibration. Rear HVAC blows cold air until the ducts warm up--slow to happen in cold weather unless you run it on high for a bit. Front leg area heat seems to blow hot air along the door and around the seat so when it has been very cold I've put something there to keep the heat in the footwell. In single digits I keep a solid windshield reflector over my head (thank Bjorn for that tip). In the cold, the battery heating takes a lot of energy to keep itself warm and regen is limited. I've had 425Wh/mi for a typical commute in freezing temps but as soon as it is over 30F it drops back down to 385. Definitely get the bigger battery for winter. Pre-heating/thawing makes life nicer, especially convenient if the car is plugged in while warming up.
    One more thing, I keep AC off manually so the cold air doesn't blow to cool the car down after heating and the vents on floor setting at all times unless there are people behind me.
  7. martinicus

    martinicus Member

    Aug 15, 2016
    North NJ
    I've had an MX 60D in NJ since December. Very happy with it, no reliability issues yet. Just had out first range scare during a weekend trip to the Poconos, trickle charging during single digits temps doesn't do much. Had to spend some time in a coffee shop at a destination charger. Range definitely is reduced in the winter to the various factors, but as long as you plan for it, drive gently, you should be ok. During our daily commutes we don't drive many miles, so never have to worry about range, can preheat at will and crank the heat up. Subzero package is a must.
  8. ToddS

    ToddS Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    Jupiter, FL
    Although I do not have it, my understanding is that the cold weather package (using heated seats and steering wheel) significantly improves mileage since the HVAC sucks so much battery power.

    As for range anxiety, my common refrain two questions is this: imagine waking up every morning with a full tank of gas. How many occasions would you need to fill up again during that same day? Every morning you will wake up with a "full tank of gas". I live 8 miles from a supercharger and have not used it once.

    Get the biggest battery you can afford and the cold weather package. Pull the trigger!

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