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Constant cracking sound in speakers; sporadic loss of audio

2015 Model S, upgraded to MCU2 with SXM/AM/FM receiver. Since the upgrade, my SXM/AM/FM crackles anytime I turn volume up or down, and also at random/sporadically when listening to music. Now it also started cutting out for 1-2 seconds randomly when using Bluetooth for music or phone call, as well as when streaming. It is incredibly annoying and makes all audio virtually unusable. Took it to SC who told me it is a firmware issue, engineers are aware, and no ETA for the fix. Got a second opinion from another SC (I’m an hour from two different ones), same conclusion.

Anyone else having the issue? Two videos can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/@jarrodklunk, one on SXM and one on streaming. It is so bad that I’m thinking about getting rid of the vehicle.

I think you have the same problem as others. I started a thread on scratchiness and clipping of the audio. This happens only on the "radio receivers" and no other source. On my car, both on SXM and FM radio, you can move the volume up and down quickly to accentuate the problem and hear the static and clipping of the audio. Some prior releases of the software are better than others. The current version I am on makes the problem more noticable. I think it is an overloaded MCU, which probably does not affect the newest cars, only MCU1 and MCU2. I think we will be wating until after the car is sold to get this issue addressed.
I haver the same in issue in my 2020 LR + Model S. It’s gotten progressively worse with each recent update. Scratchiness and static on all SXM channels, but crystal clear when streaming Spotify. Occurs even more when adjusting volume. Has anyone received a good explanation as to what‘s going on?
Received a call this morning from Tesla Service…seems they are now getting multiple reports of this issue, primarily on MX and MS older models. They are aware of the issue, cancelled my SC appointment, said it is clearly a firmware issue and they are working on it. He could not give me an ETA (I asked if we were looking at a day, a week, a month…he said no idea). He suggested I wait for the next software release and see if that fixes it. He also told me it is a high priority for engineering.

Not sure I believe that is true, but I’d encourage as many people as possible to submit a service request and hopefully the sheer volume alone will move it up the ladder of importance. It seems to be happening more often in both of my Teslas.
My 2020 Model S LR+ was at the service center this week for several minor issues, including constant static on SXM and FM stations, made worse by adjusting the volume using the steering wheel control. I was told that the firmware in the tuner modules didn’t match with other modules, but basically that I should not expect a meaningful improvement until “engineering comes up with a firmware fix….” Meanwhile, I never had an issue with reception/static until about a month ago and it got even worse in the most recent update. I listen to SXM a lot in my car, so hopping for a quick fix, but sounds like it could be some time…..
Unknowingly I have started another topic, which appears to be the same issue. But on M3LR 2021.
Struggling with this for 6 months now. It's a disaster.
I started having this issue a month or so ago (in Jul/Aug 2023) and the 2023.32.6 Software update I did this morning appears to have fixed it. I have a 2014 MS P85+ upgrade to MCU2 and for me the crackling/popping was anything over bluetooth. Phone calls or playing a podcast from my phone was really bad, but - fingers crossed - so far a few phone calls and a podcast in and don't hear the crackling/popping anymore since the update.