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Consumption Ludicrous vs. Sport

Depends on your right foot. Nothing changes by switching to Ludicrous except the accelerator mapping.

Thus, if you drive exactly the same way with the same acceleration, you should get the same efficiency.

But all that extra torque is just sitting there, waiting to be used...

Harder acceleration will mean more consumption, though in my experience it isn’t a huge amount unless it is also paired with higher speeds and harder braking.
Thanks a bunch. Then it is staying in LUDICROUS all the time, for safety's sake, of course - the need for quick evasive action in a tight spot. ;)
I'll experiment with it for a bit and compare my kw/mile. A great right-foot-ometer.
Kept the MX in SPORT mode since new, except for a few jaunts. It managed 354 kw/mile.
Kept it in LUDICROUS for the past few weeks and my average is now 341 kw/mile.

Appears LUDICROUS is just as efficient or more efficient than the SPORT mode.
It would be ludicrous to not run in LUDICROUS all the time.