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Contact local politicians to voice support for Ft. Stockton Charger

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I didn't want this to get lost in the myriad pages of the Ft. Stockton Supercharger thread. I did not think it could hurt to email the Mayor of Ft. Stockton, as well as the Pecos County Commissioners to voice support for the building of the supercharger. I figured if they got a sense of all the increased potential revenue, maybe that might have an impact. Money talks after all. Here are their email addresses and the email I sent if you want to see what I sent. (All emails are readily available on the internet, so I didn't think it was an issue with sharing):

Mayor Alexander (Ft. Stockton): [email protected]
Commissioner Chapman: [email protected]
Commissioner Dominguez: [email protected]
Commissioner Perry: [email protected]
Commissioner Cantu: [email protected]

Dear Mayor / Commissioner X :
I am a San Antonio resident and Tesla car owner since 2014. I frequently travels along IH-10 to visit family in El Paso. Since 2012 Tesla has undertaken to build their own high powered faster chargers collaboratively with business. This has been a win-win allowing Tesla owners to rapidly charge, as well as bringing increased revenue to business in the communities that they are in. Tesla owners typically stop to charge spending on average 15 to 40 minutes waiting while charging, if not spending the night at hotels in the community. Tesla has built out it’s entire charging network between San Antonio and El Paso with the sole holdout being Ft. Stockton (please see map on attached website https://supercharge.info), which has been listed as pending a permit for 467 days.

As Mayor / Commissioner I would ask you to consider the benefit that allowing the approval of a permit so that a Tesla Supercharger may be built in Ft. Stockton bringing in increased business and tourism to the community. I know of many other Tesla owners, and fellow Texans that have voiced similar sentiment.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,


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Just to update everyone. I actually got an email back from the Mayor and one of the County Commissioners. Both seemed very supportive of the positive impact of a Supercharger, and both were speaking to the City Manager about it. The Mayor was particularly knowledgable about it and had already been closing the loop with Tesla. He stated that the Tesla rep had been there the Friday before last, " talked with our public works director and received all the information he needed to proceed."

He mentioned the charger is slated to be at the Flying J.