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Convert 6 seat to 5 seat?

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15 MS 85D, 16 MX 90D, 23 MY, Retired ICE Wrench
Dec 29, 2016
Pac NW
Has anyone looked beneath the carpet to see if a 6 seat MX can be converted to a 5 seat fold down 2nd row?
Of course the service center sez it's impossible, as usual.
Found this, a good place to start. I just want to be able to remove the seats sometimes for camping -

Second Row Removal.JPG
I'm going to venture a guess that they want a second row that folds down... I would like to have the same thing, but I feel like at this point I would have to harvest the seats from a salvage car with the same interior color and still have to live with some body controller errors from disabling the seat track motors.
I'm pretty sure that I saw a thread in this very forum that gave me enough information to believe the following points are factual:
  • Yes, it is removable
  • Someone else has removed it
  • The missing seat causes warnings and may even prevent updates from installing
I'm not going to search for the thread, but if I saw it, it should be listed within the first few pages of the Model X forum or a Model X sub-forum.