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Convert Trunk Mat to Suspended Trunk Cover - DIY Special?

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So was looking for a trunk cover to hide the trunk contents, saw the one posted(left name out) which looks great but it's a little pricey for me. $300US and i'd need it shipped to CAD for crazy I bet.

So I got thinking, I had 3D Maxpider mats in two cars and got some other "3d" mat off amazon for the model y and they are fairly rigid. So what about the 3d trunk mats? Could I hang it from the 2nd row head rest and from the tail gate similar to the other one for sale.

I realize I wouldn't be able to put anything on it but when not in use it would fit as a mat, I might need to trim it near the seat back if it was too long.

So my question before I try this experiment is has anyone bought the 3D trunk mat? Something like this that you think would not crease at the tail gate if it was hung from the corners? I guess I could strap the bottom of is with some thin wood or metal to create a frame.

This is the same make as the floor mats I bought:

Found this one too, similar 3D style:

Let me know your thoughts and if I do this I'll be sure to post pics. Worst case I bought a trunk mat, already have a generic roll out one that's good enough though. I'd like some feedback on the rigidity of these "3d" trunk mats before I commit :)
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